10+ Best VoIP Service Providers for Home and Business Phones in 2021

10+ Best VoIP Service Providers for Home and Business Phones in 2021
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List and Comparison of the Best VoIP Service Providers for Home and Business Phones:
Most of the business entities use multimedia and voice communication services over the Internet.
They use the terms Internet or Broadband Telephony, IP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar that refers to the communication over the public internet instead of the public switched telephone network.
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is much similar to our traditional digital telephony mechanism and the only difference is the medium of transmitting signals.
In this article, we will learn what VoIP is along with its benefits and also review some of the top VoIP Service Providers for business and home phones.
VoIP Service Providers
What are VoIP Services?
As discussed in the introduction part, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the telephony methodology like the traditional one but in which the digital information or signals are being converted into packets called IP packets and are transmitted over Packet-Switched Network
VoIP has been implemented over several open and proprietary protocols such as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP), Secure RTP, Session Description Protocol(SDP), Extensible Message and Presence Protocol (XMPP).
First-Generation VoIP providers have used Legacy Telephone Network, Second-Generation VoIP providers like Skype used the public switched telephone network (PSTN) that offer free calls benefits, Third-Generation VoIP like Google Talk has adapted the Packetized Voice Telephony (Federated VoIP).
VoIP offers:
Video Calls
Instant Messaging
Better Sound Quality
Voice integrated data transfer
Working of VoIP
VoIP uses Codecs which encodes audio in Audio Codecs and video in Video Codecs.
This encoded audio and video are then encapsulated in the packets.
Then these packets are being transmitted over the IP network.
At the end of the communication, the audio and video are decoded back into its original form.
Pros of VoIP Services
No extra charges are involved other than the Internet for making calls, e-mails or for any communication that takes place over the Internet.
VoIP helps to reduce the expenditure that is required to build network infrastructure.
Easily portable, flexible and accessible.
Easy to integrate with other mobile apps.
One can also make Video conferencing call through VoIP.
Reduces Communication time span and delays and increases the rate of interaction with the clients and co-workers.
Helps to improve business productivity.
Cons of VoIP Services
VoIP is 100% power and bandwidth dependent.
Calls may lag or drop all the way.
Though it is easy to access, it is less secure and reliable.
Quality of the voice is uncertain.
So far, we have understood the core idea of VoIP along with its pros and cons. Now letís explore some of the top VoIP providers for business and home phones.
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Most Popular VoIP Service Providers for Business
VoIP Service Comparison Chart
Comparative Study of the Top VoIP Providers
#1) Ooma Inc
#2) RingCentral Office
#3) Nextiva
#4) VirtualPBX
#5) Vonage
#6) Lingo
#7) Intermedia Unite
#8) Fonality
#9) ITP
#10) Phone Power
#11) 1-VoIP
#12) Voipo
#13) Axvoice
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