8 Best Business Phone Services in 2021

8 Best Business Phone Services in 2021
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In this guide, weíre going to go through eight of the best VoIP business phone services. Weíll let you know how much they cost, what features they come with, what makes them great, and what makes them not so great.
Best Overall Option: Nextiva
Nextiva is a giant in the VoIP industry, and if youíve heard of it, youíre probably not surprised to see it making our top slot. Nextiva offers a high-end VoIP experience with a robust and reliable network, some great features, and a very affordable price to boot.
Nextiva was rated the number one business phone service provider in 2021 by US News and World Report, and 94% of Nextiva customers said they were satisfied with their experience. Customer satisfaction rates like that are almost unheard of!
When looking through Nextivaís options, you get the feeling that the company has thought of everything. Plans come with desktop and conference room phones, making it one of the few VoIP services that include hardware.
Plus, Nextiva has a whole suite of video conferencing tools too, making it a fantastic all-around communication package.
Best Budget Option: Phone
If your priority is keeping costs low, Phone is worth your careful consideration. This company is able to keep its services affordable by offering flexible plans and, unlike the other services we looked at, they offer two types of plans: pay-per-minute plans and unlimited plans.
This allows businesses that donít use their phones very often to save some money by shelling out for a pay-per-minute plan, while businesses whose employees have their elbows permanently bent in a ninety-degree angle can opt to pay more for unlimited minutes.
In short, Phone doesnít force you to pay for more than you need. With plans starting at just $9.99/month, itís one of the cheapest providers around. But of course, it still packs a punch with features like premium hold music and call analytics, depending on what plan you sign up for.
Best Freelancer and Solopreneur Option: Grasshopper
Not every business needs a desktop phone and dozens of extensions. Freelancers and solopreneurs sometimes need a business phone service just like any other company does, even if their needs are slightly different.
Grasshopper caters precisely to this demographic. Unlike many of the other services on this list, this company doesnít focus on desktop phones. Instead, it provides a mobile app that makes it easier to run your business from your smartphone which, for many solopreneurs, also happens to be your personal phone.
For example, if you miss a call, you can have Grasshopper send an automatic text to follow up so that you donít lose the client to someone else. Or, if you find yourself getting caught off guard picking up business calls when youíre in personal mode, you can ask Grasshopper to alert you when a call is business-related so you can move to a quiet area and prepare yourself to make a great impression.
Unfortunately, Grasshopper is a bit on the pricey side, especially considering that it doesnít come with any hardware. Still, if youíre a solopreneur or freelancer, this is one business phone system thatís definitely worth looking into.
8 Best Business Phone Services
Before we go any further, hereís a quick overview of our full list:
Business Phone Service Features Overview
1) Nextiva
Nextiva Highlights:
* Website
* Pricing: Starts at $21.95/user/month
* Best for: Enterprises
Out of all the providers weíve looked at, Nextiva provides one of the most robust and reliable networks around and is a leader in the VoIP business phone space: They have connected over 1 billion calls, were rated the #1 business phone service in 2021 by US News and World Report, 94% of the businesses that have used Nextiva said they are satisfied with their service, and 90% of their customers say theyíd recommend it to others.
So what makes Nextiva such a popular service? It offers enterprise business phone service at a very affordable price. Plus, it has great features, comes with the hardware you need, and has a very reliable network.
When you sign up with Nextiva, youíll get:
Desk phones
Conference room phones
Apps to manage your phone, text and email communications
A mobile app
Integrations with CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot
Nextiva offers three plans, the price of which depends on the number of users and the features provided. Here are the plans and some of their features:
Starts at $21.95/user/month (discounts available for annual subscriptions)
Unlimited calling within the U.S. and Canada
1,000 toll-free minutes
Unlimited audio conferencing for up to 4 participants
Google and Outlook integrations
Starts at $24.95/user/month (discounts available for annual subscriptions)
Unlimited business SMS
2,500 toll-free minutes
Unlimited audio conference calls for up to 40 participants
Unlimited video conferencing
Team messaging
Call recording
Starts at $31.95/user/month (discounts available for annual subscriptions)
10,000 toll-free minutes
Unlimited audio conference calls with unlimited participants
Call recording
Audio and video screen sharing
Zendesk, HubSpot, Salesforce, and ServiceNow integrations
Voicemail transcriptions
Each of these plans builds on the last, so if something is in the Essential plan, it will also be included in the Professional.

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