A review of VoIP phone services in Australia

A review of VoIP phone services in Australia
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Traditional home phone packages bundled with a broadband plan are becoming a thing of the past, phased out and replaced with new technology. Lots of young people forego the traditional home handset for their mobile phones, as mobile phone plans these days can be dirt cheap with unlimited calls. However, there is still merit in having a home phone, but the way a phone call is delivered these days can be vastly different. Enter the realm of Voice over Internet Protocol ñ or VoIP for short.
How Does VoIP Work?
VoIP simply works by converting analogue voice calls into little packets of data. VoIP basically means youíre using the internet to make phone calls, and your voice is transformed into little packets of data that are then deciphered on the other end. This is similar to using a multitude of other things over the internet ñ email, instant messages etc.
With Voiceover IP, you can still call a landline or mobile phone, but youíll be using your internet connection to do so, rather than a phone line connection. This can represent a solid alternative and can work out to be fairly cost-effective.
VoIP has emerged as a popular alternative to a copper home phone line amid the rollout of high-speed fixed-line broadband, Wi-Fi and mobile 4G, along with the rapid adoption of the smartphone. High-speed internet access is virtually wherever we go and has enabled a whole new communications boom.
Landline telephones have been left in the dust: With VoIP, users plug their phone connection into their modem, bypassing a direct copper home phone line.
New NBN connections also commonly prefer the use of VoIP as the country moves away from copper connections.
VoIP can be cost effective: Many internet providers charge for ëhome phone line rentalí, which is basically paying for the privilege to access and have an active copper home phone line in your home.
VoIP bypasses this need by plugging directly into a compatible Wi-Fi modem.

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