About Us

We’ve Pursued the Same Goal Since the Beginning

Al-Tamyeez started operations as a Qatari company since 2012. It’s activity is mainly into the security systems. Seeking the development of the construction of networking and security surveillance systems to the best that they can be, is our main goal.

Our team consists of a developers, managers, technicians and engineers who are leading the company path.

Our Objective

We Have a Long and Successful History

With a plethora of products and long term operational goals and advantages, we, at Al-Tamyeez provide organizations the technological edge to improve their security and profitability through intelligent office automation, and security solutions and the works!

Apart from automated security solutions, we pride ourselves into Custom Development that includes Customized Design and Development, and lots more. If you have a business, and feel the need for your brand to send the right message across, then our team will chalk out the right blueprint and get up to speed to deliver the right product for you and your brand.

  • Dedication
  • Communication
  • Success
  • Professionalism

Our Vision

Our Operations Have Been Designed for High Productivity

Our Vision is to become a leading company that adheres to ideals and high moral values achieve international business standards, participating in the national and global economy, and contributes to fulfill the needs of the Qatari society. Produces a national production and development the projects that serves Qatar national vision 2030.


A Wide Range of Security & System Services

At Al-Tamyeez we provide over 20 lines of services that cover every need there is to residential and commercial products all across Qatar.



  • Structure
  • Management
  • Strategy


  • Commercial
  • Manufacturing
  • Residential


  • Planning
  • Material
  • Replacement

Our Mission

We Support Your Success

Providing a social internal work environment through our staff. Qualifying our staff for an international level and standards. Introducing innovative trading opportunities to the market. Offering a High quality services that are completely fair and transparent.