Advantages of VoIP

Advantages of VoIP
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This technology leads to greater financial savings. This happens because there exists only one network carrying the voice and data provided by only one supplier. If you have a broadband Internet connection (DSL or cable), you can make PC-to-PC phone calls anywhere in the world for free. If you wish to make a PC-to-phone connection, thereís usually a charge for this but probably much cheaper than your regular phone service.
The first piece of good news when it comes to comparing VoIP advantages and disadvantages is the costs involved. Where data used to be very expensive in the early days of internet communications, the costs have plummeted as it became more and more ubiquitous. Once the system has been set up and installed, calls between two or more VoIP set-ups are free. There can be costs involved in calling between VoIP and a landline, but these are normally much lower than between two landlines.
Additionally, there is also no separate line rental that you would need to pay with a traditional phone, as the VoIP system links to your existing internet connection as part of your contract. You have one account and one bill for your internet services.
Some comparisons put the potential cost-savings you could achieve as high as more than half an existing landline or private branch exchange (PBX) phone system invoice.
VoIP offers a great deal of flexibility. The only limit is your available bandwidth when it comes to the length and frequency of your calls. You can also add far more phones to the system to connect an entire business and its employees easily through a private internal phone network.
For organisations that need to stay connected, such as call centres and other businesses that speak to the public on a regular basis, having this flexibility is essential for ongoing financial viability, agility and growth.
The versatility continues when you come to consider office layouts and the physical expansion of your workforce. If they are all connected to a cloud-based VoIP system, they no longer need to be tied to a landline at a desk ñ remote working, hot-desking and operating from home suddenly become far more viable.
Quality of performance
As long as your internet connection so reliable and your bandwidth is decent, you can more or less guarantee high quality of sound and connectivity. It should be at least the same, but most likely better than the traditional telephony equivalent.
Gone are the days of long-distance calls sounding crackly or muffled ñ VoIP is not affected by the geographical distance between two people making a call when they are both using VoIP to do so. You can also make and receive multiple simultaneous calls without compromising on sound quality with VoIP.
The portability of VoIP also helps your own performance to improve ñ you can use the same number wherever you are to give clients essential continuity and reassurance, and you can rely on the fact that you can contact people exactly when you need to, no matter where you are or what the local provision is for telephone services. If your business changes location, even to a different country, you can keep the same number too.
As already mentioned, a huge benefit to installing VoIP for voice calls is its accessibility. You are no longer restricted geographically to where there is an existing phone signal. Distance and location make no difference to performance or cost, so long as both ends of the voice call have and are using an internet connection for the VoIP connection.
You donít have to arrange for extra copper wiring to be installed, or any of the rigmarole that can accompany expanding a PBX or landline phone set-up. All you need is a single Ethernet connection that links your business to the VoIP system.
To get started on a VoIP call, simply log into your broadband account, enter the number you need, and the conversation can begin. This ease of use and lack of complicated hardware also helps when you are travelling or based away from home and donít have easy access to a phone line.

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