benefits of a modern business telelphone system

benefits of a modern business telelphone system
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A simple set of office extensions may cover the basic needs of a small business. Basic features may include voicemail and call transfer. Yet, any sized business will be missing out on the advanced features of a modern communication system. These can enable better customer service and more efficient work.
3CX has established itself as the leading IP-PBX manufacturer, ticking all the checkboxes for any business looking for enterprise-grade features.
Cost Savings: While older phone systems have fewer features, they tend to cost more both in maintenance and in monthly phone bills.
Easier to Maintain: Dedicated wiring and hardware requires specialized service. Because a modern phone system uses an internet connection, they can use existing LAN infrastructure. System maintenance is mostly over a computer interface. Users can add a second phone line, for example, in minutes.
Connect Over the Internet: Besides easier maintenance, using an internet connection means businesses can access their phone system from anywhere. This makes it easier to bridge multiple offices.
Mobility and Remote Work: Even if users are not in any office, they can still use a web browser or cell phone to manage their communications. On a web or mobile app, users can call a colleagueís extension, answer incoming calls or call external numbers. They can also see caller ID, transfer calls and set up call forwarding. In addition, some office phone systems integrate video and business texting.
Easy Expansion: An IP phone system is also easier to expand. Adding a new extension can be as easy as setting up a user online, then plugging in a phone.
Call Center Features: Systems no longer rely on manual switchboards. But online switchboard options, auto attendants, call forwarding rules and advanced queue strategies allow businesses to manage phone calls more efficiently. Modern systems allow supervisors to record calls, listen in to calls or take over for training and better customer service.
Modern Business Communications: Simple phone calls are still common. But many professionals and customers now prefer alternatives. These include video calls, web conferencing, instant messaging and social media. Business telephone systems have expanded to include tools for all channels.
Integration with Other Software: Business software is moving towards cloud computing. An IP PBX can integrate with CRMs, for example. This would allow businesses to sync contacts and manage information in a single location.

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