Branch Networking with VoIP

Branch Networking with VoIP
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IP-telephony allows individual adjustments to the requirements of its users. One specialty of VoIP is the interconnection of multiple PBXs. With relatively simple means, two (or more) IP PBXs can be interconnected regardless of the geographical distance between them. This is a significant advantage over the traditional PBXs, which were expensive and complicated to connect over great distances. This has particular advantages for companies with more than one location.
Advantages of Branch Networking
Firstly, interconnecting phone systems will safe significant costs, as internal phone calls are completely free ñ even if the locations are on different continents. Phone calls via Internet make it possible for employees to exchange calls easily without adding cost to the companyís phone bill. Interconnection of phone systems does not just connect hard- and software, it connects people: staff moves closer together which in turn ensures a smooth flow of communication. If a colleague is unavailable, the BLF will signal his absence.
The function of ìRemote Breakoutî allows a caller from one location to use the connection to another PBX to call into that local landline. This is not just a further reduction of cost, the caller also appears to be local which can have a positive influence on the conversation. The connection makes call queues possible that can automatically forward a call, depending on location, time or language. A higher level of availability can be achieved, when calls are automatically transferred to the location that is open or available.

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