Can a hosted PBX really help my business?

Can a hosted PBX really help my business?
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As mentioned above, a hosted PBX is perfectly suited to small or startup companies, to help them achieve their goals and make them look professional from the get-go. It does so much more than just providing a means of communication ñ it also helps your business function as a whole. Below are some examples of how it can help your business:
1. Stay connected wherever you are
When youíre starting a business, youíre constantly running around trying to get everything sorted. With a hosted PBX, you can make and answer calls wherever you are and on whatever device youíre using, so you donít have to stay routed firmly in one place. So, if youíre on the train to a meeting or working from home, youíre always accessible. This is also beneficial if you have a lot of remote workers or a growing team to manage.
2. Save money
As weíve mentioned throughout this article, a hosted PBX costs less money than an on-premise PBX. Thereís less equipment and maintenance costs involved, and the setup costs are significantly lower. As you hire new staff, one employee that you wonít need to look for is an IT specialist. While you should have an IT department for your business, you wonít need any staff members that are specifically hired to manage this system.
3. Endless features
Having innovative and endless phone features is great for any business. With a hosted PBX, you can take full advantage of the incredible features that comes with it. These features make your company look bigger and more professional which is great if you want to give the impression that youíve been in business for a while. With these features, you can juggle video conferencing, hunt groups and voicemail to email functions (to name a few), making your business come across as impressive and organised. This is especially helpful for companies with customer service teams or call centres.
4. Add as you grow
You donít have to worry about buying new equipment or the maintenance of adding a new line. You can add more features and lines as and when you need to and without too much hassle. A hosted PBX is easy to scale up or down, requires minimal work or costs and helps to future proof your business.
5. Stay protected
Hosting in the cloud means you donít have to worry about what happens if your technology fails. Everything is securely encrypted and kept safely in the cloud, protected by your provider. As your business grows, so do your documents, services, employees, passwords, etc. If anything were to go wrong, you still have uninterrupted access to what you need and you can restore your systems from online backups.

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