Features to Look for in a Residential VoIP Service

Features to Look for in a Residential VoIP Service
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VoIP offers household benefits that other phone services cannot provide. The best VoIP service for home use offers affordable features, flexible plans and multiple price points. These systems are more likely to offer customization to suit your unique needs. VoIP users often receive more free calling features as well.
But residential VoIP service providers still differ. Weíve identified some features that home-based VoIP subscribers often appreciate. Determine the features you want for your home before you begin your provider search.
Portable Number Systems
Perhaps you want to keep the phone number you already have. Most systems allow you to port over existing numbers. This is especially useful if you have a network of contacts and do not want to change numbers. You need not reach out to them as their experience remains the same.
Area Code Selection
Unlike landlines, home VoIP enables you to choose your area code. This can be helpful if you telecommute. You can choose the same area code as your home office. That way, call recipients associate you with that location. You may want an area code that matches family membersí as well.
Multiple Numbers and Extensions
Additional landlines cost extra. They require costly installations as well. Itís difficult to get more than two lines installed in a standard home. VoIP doesnít have this problem. Everyone in your family can have his or her own number. You can set up a work and a personal line for yourself. And since all lines use the internet, no new wiring is required.
Online Control Panels
Users can manage their VoIP accounts online. They need not call their service providers about service. They can easily activate and deactivate services, as well as access many VoIP features. These include voicemail, transcriptions and call records for certain services.
Caller ID and Directory Services
Caller ID is standard in modern mobile devices. But landlines require specific hardware or add-ons for this feature. Meanwhile, this is standard for home VoIP services. Directory services make it easy to track whoís calling. Users can see records for inbound and outbound calls, including names and numbers. Systems offer different degrees of detail, so choose a service that provides the right amount for your needs.
Smart Voicemail and Document Integration
Advanced voicemail is common in VoIP systems. This differs from landlines, which require additional hardware. VoIP can integrate with other digital services as well. Google Voice can make your work easier by transcribing your voice mails and forwarding them to you via text or email. VoIP systems can also match conversations with specific contacts via audio alone. As your provider updates features, you need not buy new hardware to take advantage.
Call Recording
You can set up automated call recording with home VoIP. If recordings are stored in the cloud, you have near-limitless storage potential. You can activate call recording for most or all of your calls. This is especially useful if you need records of important medical, legal or business conversations.
Call Transcribing
In addition to recordings, VoIP services can automatically transcribe calls. This applies to voicemail as well. Easily read voice messages instead of listening to recordings. This also benefits workers who rely on their phones when working from home.
Intelligent Call Distribution, Routing and Forwarding
Much like office phones, you can easily forward calls or voicemails to another device. This allows you to receive home calls on your mobile phone when out. It may be helpful if you work from home as well. You need not wait by your landline phone to receive important calls. Leading solutions help you route calls to other or multiple users as well.
Conference Calling
Conference calls were once unique to office phone systems. With home VoIP, this is no longer the case. Easily ìdial inî other callers to broaden a conversation. You need no additional tools or software to make this possible.
Spam Filters
Telemarketers are a common nuisance for landline users. VoIP has built-in features to filter these calls. Online control panels help you manage these features. Your provider can update spam filters remotely as well. You always have the latest spam filter software at your disposal.
Hunt Group
This oddly named feature provides unique advantages. A single line routes calls based on the callerís information. This enables the right caller to reach you at the correct line. This is especially helpful for users who work from home. It adds a business-class capability to home environments.
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Your calls are important, but often they can wait. This is especially true for professionals who work from home. You spend time with family in the same space where you work. Fortunately, the best VoIP services for homes offer ìdo not disturbî features. Callers are deflected to a friendly and relevant voicemail. Landlines, on the other hand, you simply must ignore. Itís often easy to activate and deactivate this feature with a residential VoIP service.
Free International Calls
This is perhaps one of the best VoIP for home features. It is especially advantageous if you make a lot of international calls. These calls are expensive via landlines. With VoIP, international calls are like any other calls. High-speed internet makes this possible. Much as you can visit international websites instantly at no cost, you can make international calls. But some limitations may apply per provider. Be sure you understand all the details before you subscribe.
Features will vary between VoIP providers. There may be more attractive features that are not listed here. But consider the list above when researching services. Your unique needs and each planís flexibility should guide your buying decision

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