Flap Barriers in Qatar

Flap Barriers in Qatar
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FLAP BARRIER TURNSTILE QATAR1000 is a solitary path fold obstruction comprising of an expert gadget and a slave-gadget to frame

a passage.

FLAP BARRIER TURNSTILE QATAR1200 is a twofold wing fold obstruction to be furnished with FLAP BARRIER TURNSTILE QATAR1000 to shape multi-doorways.

Fold Barriers are very much received in passageways and ways out of structures or building locales, to

help following staffs and guests. Just approved clients can admittance to explicit regions

through the fold hindrances. Lights on the boundaries are to demonstrate status of the fold obstructions.

Consistent green lights show bolted boundaries. Flickering green lights demonstrate open


Al-Tamyeez Security Systems- Doha- Qatar gathered admittance control framework essentially lessens costs for colleagues.

RFID, unique mark check, face acknowledgment, and vein confirmation advancements are

accessible for choices of adaptable access control framework.

Electronic Anti-Pinch Function: Auto-suspension of entryway

conclusion when human is recognized.

Direct Current Operation: Low disappointment rate to guarantee

security and unwavering quality

Alert Function: Auto admonition and disturbing if

unapproved section with swiping card happens.

Three-point uphold fold configuration guarantees

high strength.

Adaptable exchanging of perused board to collect different


Multi Battery Mode: Two Modes are accessible after

suspension of intensity. In Emergency Mode, folds

consequently, opens for entrance. In Power-supply

Mode, folds stay typical activity.


Passage CONTROL 17

Model depiction:

Outsider equipment joining

Al-Tamyeez Security Systems- Doha- Qatar hindrances are accessible as one complete access arrangement, however we likewise offer simply the improved

hindrance principal outline (FLAP BARRIER TURNSTILE QATAR- – 00), versatile to outsider access control frameworks, dodging superfluous

costs for installers in changing their present Access Control frameworks. What’s more of this, front

section is removable, offering distinctive model for every circumstance.

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