Getting Residential VoIP Service

Getting Residential VoIP Service
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There are several important things that users should understand before they get residential VoIP service.
Just like with any other type of service, it?s a good idea to see how different providers compare and read some reviews. One great place to learn more about a provider is their Twitter to see how often they report any technical issues.
Every residential VoIP plan will require a minimum amount of bandwidth to ensure proper sound quality and to provide other calling features. For a typical plan, an upload speed of 3 Mbps is optimal. That?s upload speed, not download speed, because upload speed is the slower of the two and VoIP service requires both uploading and downloading data.
Using VoIP service requires either an IP phone or an ATA, which is a VoIP adapter. With an ATA, the person can use a traditional phone with VoIP, whereas with an IP phone, the person connects it into their router or modem. IP phones are the better option, because they allow the person to take advantage of all the VoIP calling features. Equipment is one area where prices can range quite a bit depending on the provider. There are providers that issue the necessary equipment free of charge but increase the monthly fee accordingly, and providers that sell the equipment at a high rate but offer a much lower rate on the monthly service. And, of course, there are plenty of providers that are in the middle of those two extremes.
VoIP service allows for many different connection options throughout the home. The user could have IP phones hooked up to Ethernet jacks in several different rooms, or set up a wireless phone with multiple handsets.

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