hilook ptz Doha Qatar كاميرات مراقبة قطر

hilook ptz Doha Qatar كاميرات مراقبة قطر
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frequently youll be assigned a different IP address every time you connect. When net providers were born, everyone on the Internet over a modem and many people used the web for a few minutes to a couple hours weekly. Assigning a static IP address to each consumer would have been quite expensive for something that most of us used only a couple of minutes per week, so the suppliers started assigning the clients with dynamic IP addresses. When contemporary providers enforce dynamic IPs nowadays, it might be in part to distinguish between professional and consumer services, reserving static IPs for clients who invest more for their services.

So what happens if the customers bought and installed a CCTV system in his residence or his company and wants the possibility of accessing the system to look at his CCTV Qatar Doha? 1 option is to get in touch with his Internet Service provider and buy a static IP address which will be assigned only to him. The second choice is to join with a DNS. In simple words, it’s a naming system for computers. Lets take an example… if you sign up with DDNS support, they ask you to think of a domain name, lets say that your new name is: john.dyndns. This domain is going to be tied to a dynamic IP address your internet provider assigned to you. The DDNS service solution has two major advantages: You dont need to remember numbers, just your domain name and you dont have to be worried when your ISP changes your dynamic IP address.

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The beauty of this setup is if you will need to go find footage, certainly nothing changes. You won’t need to specify a specific drive or group to locate the footage of a CCTV Qatar. The drives are functioning as one in a sense so once you search in playback it searches through all the drives and finds the appropriate file. To me it’s a no-brainer and I configure all of my customers DVRs this way once I deem necessary. When I say Necessary I mean any situation where there’s more than 1 drive. All it does is enhance performance on your drives and make them last longer for you. Please understand this is certainly not a guarantee that your drives won’t fail, they are electronic equipment which is inevitable, but I

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