How Do I Check A Satellite LNB? by Al-Tamyeez Security Systems- Doha- Qatar

How Do I Check A Satellite LNB? by Al-Tamyeez Security Systems- Doha- Qatar
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To investigate a LNB, first you ought to outwardly check the gadget and afterward test the sign levels with a satellite sign meter.

1. Switch off the satellite TV collector and disengage it from the fundamental force supply source. Satellite collectors send a low voltage energize the coaxial link to control the LNB, so consistently disengage the force prior to checking a LNB.

2. Go to the area of the satellite dish with steps, a stepping stool or a raised stage. Discover the LNB unit on the finish of the dish arm. The LNB is normally horn-molded, round and hollow or rectangular.

3. Review the plastic packaging that encases the electronic segments of the LNB. On the off chance that the packaging is twisted or broken, you should supplant the LNB, on the grounds that water entrance will have harmed the gadgets inside the packaging.

4. Slide down the front of the coaxial link connector’s joint with the LNB yield jack, tenderly force the link to guarantee that the joint is firm and secure. In the event that the joint is free, frayed or consumed, you should supplant the connector and screw it back into the jack. On the off chance that the LNB jack has rusted, you should supplant the LNB gadget. In the event that you can’t perceive any issues with the packaging, yield jack or link connector, you would now be able to test the yield signal level.

5. Unscrew the current coaxial connector on the down lead from the LNB’s sign yield jack. Screw the provided coaxial link fly-lead into the information attachment of a battery-controlled advanced satellite sign meter. Screw the opposite finish of the fly-lead into the yield jack on the LNB.

6. Peruse the sign level on the sign meter. Presentations shift by signal meter type, including dial shows, LED signal level markers and LCD computerized read-outs. No sign or a low sign strength/quality perusing shows that the LNB isn’t working effectively and you should supplant the gadget. A medium-or high – strength/quality perusing shows that the LNB is working effectively and the issue lies elsewhere in your framework.

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