How does Interconnection Between IP PBXs Work?

How does Interconnection Between IP PBXs Work?
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The interconnection via Internet can be realized via VPN (Virtual Private Network). It is ìvirtualî in a sense that it is not a physical connection and ìprivateî because it is self-contained. It serves as a passage way for an external party (like an employee in their home office) who wants to access an existing network (like the companyís local network). The same principle can be used for telecommunication, allowing the interconnection of two (or more) IP PBXs across unlimited geographical distance.
Is a VPN already in place, the connection of up to eight AskoziaPBX is incredibly easy. Through the IX Interconnection Add-On we ensure that the phone systems can communicate with each other. It is based on the IAX-Protocol which is used for Asterisk based PBXs worldwide. Just like the AskoziaPBX itself, the IX Interconnection Add-On stands out through its high usability, its flexible application and a friendly license model. There are multiple scenarios possible with IX.
Examples for Branch Networking Models
The first example shows three connected VoIP PBXs. Here, each PBX has their own internal phone number and each party has the possibility to call the parties of each of the three PBXs.
The second example shows two interconnected PBXs, where every system is configured as a separate network, having their own independent, internal numbers. Through dialing the configured dial patterns of one number, the party of the other PBX can be reached. Even calling from the local phone network of each of the systems is possible (Remote Breakout).
The third example shows three connected networks. Each with the same internal numbers for their parties. Through only dialing the internal numbers, one can directly reach the internal parties. If the dial patterns of an internal number are used, the parties from the other connected systems can be reached.

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