How to Evaluate VoIP Business Phone Services on Your Own

How to Evaluate VoIP Business Phone Services on Your Own
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In this guide, weíve looked at eight of the best VoIP business phone services, but this list is by no means exhaustive. So if none of these options quite fits the bill, how do you go about evaluating other phone system offerings?
You can start by asking yourself these questions:
?? How large is my business?
Business phone systems often design their offerings with a certain type of business in mind, be it a solopreneur, small business or an enterprise. While many services offer different plans for different business sizes, some services are simply better equipped for one type.
When looking into VoIP providers, evaluate how their services might fit into your business. Does it provide enough extensions? Is the number of minutes sufficient for your needs?
?? How much phone time do you anticipate?
Business phone services tend to price their plans partially around the number of minutes provided. If you and your employees are constantly picking up the phone, then youíll likely need a provider that offers unlimited plans. But if making calls is a rarity, you may want to go with a metered or pay-per-minute option.
?? Whatís my budget?
It should come as no surprise that staying within budget is essential. Some providers are simply priced more competitively than others, so youíll have to consider how that fits into the bigger picture. For example, can you afford more features? Or will you be better off with fewer features but a lower price tag?
?? What features are absolutely essential?
Every business has its own unique needs to consider. Some businesses will require phone services that have desktop phones, while others will fare just fine with a mobile app. Make a list of the reasons that you need a business phone service in the first place, and score each option on how well it meets those needs.
As with most decisions, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Business phone services come in many different shapes and sizes, so youíll need to find the one that fits best into your larger business strategy.
Despite the rise of text and email in business communications, nothing really beats the ease of being able to simply dial up a colleague or client, make a personal connection, and talk things out.
Although video conferencing is gaining popularity, it’s often viewed as more intrusive than phone calls. In fact, phone calls are still the go-to method:
A recent BrightLocal survey found that 60% of consumers prefer to contact businesses by phone.
How do you prefer to contact a business
Today, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services offer a low-cost and high-tech alternative to traditional public switched telephone network (PTSN) solutions. In short, VoIP services push your voice through the internet instead of a traditional phone line.

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