How to Find the Best Residential VoIP Provider for You

How to Find the Best Residential VoIP Provider for You
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There are countless home VoIP providers on the market. Selecting the right one depends on the features you need. But features alone cannot lead you to the best provider.
Creating a personalized checklist is the best first step. Costs, usability and ease of adoption should all be factors. Here are a few pointers to get you started.
Create a comprehensive checklist: Start by identifying your own unique needs. You may only need some of the VoIP features available. You may find a low-cost plan to support these needs. But imagine as many use cases as possible. If you might have different needs in the future, factor those into your decision. A plan with more features might be right from the start
Consider a hosted VoIP: You can limit the cost and effort of maintaining your system with a hosted VoIP. Leading hosted VoIP solution providers share in the cost of maintenance. Itís in the providerís interest that your system performs well. Hosted solution providers manage equipment installation and routine updates at no extra cost to you. But be sure the hosted VoIP solution provides the features you need
Check customer service reviews: Even the best solutions disappoint when their customer service is bad. Once youíve narrowed down your choices, look up customer service reviews. Interact with their customer service team yourself as well. Ensure that in case a problem arises in the future, you can reach someone who will help
Inquire about uptime: Your system is useless if it routinely stops working. Ask about uptime when you call potential providers. They should share uptime records from previous years. Providers who exceed customer expectations are ideal
Be sure you meet bandwidth requirements: Your VoIP solution will use your existing internet for service. So be sure your home bandwidth supports the system you want. However, bandwidth calculations can be difficult. Tell your potential providers about your and your familyís internet habits. The right provider should be able to help you decide whatís right for you

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