International Calling Is Available Through Residential VoIP

International Calling Is Available Through Residential VoIP
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Of course, one common question people have is whether they?ll be able to talk to their friends and family overseas using residential VoIP service, and they certainly can. Once again, this is an area where VoIP is the far more affordable option when compared to traditional phone service. Every area on the planet has a certain level of technological development, along with its own unique geographic issues, taxes and regulations, which affect contacting them. Cell phone service providers and VoIP providers are similar in that they both have their own networks. When it comes to cell service, international calls tend to cost much more. If a user?s VoIP provider has its own presence in a country, the user can typically call landlines in that country, as long as they have an international calling package.
Here’s an example ? the user has a service plan with Vonage Word and is based in the United States. They want to contact relatives in Germany. If they?re calling a landline, they can do that using their residential VoIP service without any additional fees. Or, they can contact a German cell phone for $0.0061 cents per minute. With ViaTalk World, the user could get in touch with German landlines and cell phones with up to 1,200 minutes of talking per month. It?s important to note that no matter the VoIP provider, a user can call within that provider?s network free of charge from anywhere in the world. The development of SIP also allows users of VoIP to receive and make calls internationally from their homes.
A Plethora of Free Features with Residential VoIP
The way that VOIP business phone system Doha Qatar and ATAs get data is different than how circuit-switched devices operate, and this means many calling features are standard with VoIP service, even on the most budget-friendly VoIP plans. These features include address books, call waiting and forwarding, three-way calling, number porting and an online call log, to name only a few. Calls to the United States, Canada and certain other countries are also cheap or unlimited.

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