IP and VoIP

IP and VoIP
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IP (Internet Protocol) and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)- people often use these terms interchangeably. But there is a difference. Yet, itís so subtle, but it does.
In a way or another- VoIP is a subset of IP. It implies- VoIP technology is based on sending only voice traffic across an IP (Internet Protocol) network- while- IP technology is based on exchanging voice, fax, and other types of data traffic.
Digitally, all elements of IP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar utilize the digitized voice that is transmitted as the IP packets via an IP network (mostly, the LAN network). Besides, VoIP focuses on the digitization of the analog voice signals (analog to digital transformation) and are converted into binary numbers to get transferred by the IP protocol.
So, basically, in broader terms, the IP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar is entirely a complete concept, whereas, the VoIP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar is a mode to transmit voice to implement this concept. As for an e.g.- an IP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar system or IP-PBX (Private Branch Exchange) containing its own VoIP and the standards (SIP, H.323), coupled with other aspects, like CRM, etc.
IP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar Diagram
IP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar Diagram
How do IP Telephones work?
Basically, the IP telephones work by scanning & detecting the individualís analog voice signal and converting them into digital signals. Then, these digital signals are transmitted across the broadline in form of data. In simpler terms, the IP phones work by taking the phone conversations and routing them via an IP phone system across a network cable into the network, then out, and then into the internet connection.
Instead, we can say- IP phones utilize the ìinternet protocolsî to connect and communicate through the digital mode across the internet. With this system, you can choose this technology rather than the traditional phone systems to improve communication. Simply, leverage the internet connection, the associated hardware (phone system), and the applications that make communications more effective.
Or, simply, in place of the traditional phone line and the phone network, here, the system makes use of the internet protocol and LAN to transmit the calls & other information over your office network and the phone providerís network. And, the same protocol and network are used by computer systems, devices, and printers as well. This makes it relatively efficient you and your staff need to operate & maintain only one internal network for all communications.

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