IP phones provide better call quality

IP phones provide better call quality
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The sound quality of the IP phone is usually better than a softphone unless very high quality headsets are also purchased for use with the softphone.
IP phones are more familiar
Most workers are accustomed to using a desk phone, and the transition to a VoIP system may be more seamless for some with an IP phone.
IP phones can be used in any location
Similar to softphones, IP phones can be moved and used from any location. Once the phone is has been programmed with a number, it can be physically moved to another location, and it will continue to work as is with the same number. This means you can use international numbers on IP phones as well.
SIP Software vs SIP Hardware
The connectivity architecture for softphones and IP phones is very similar. Both are SIP extensions that can be registered in the (SIP based) VoIP / IP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar server and can be used to make and receive outbound calls, both over the Internet (SIP Trunks) as well as the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Networks.)
Softphones can call SIP phones directly or indirectly (through a VoIP service provider like Telzio) and vice-versa.
The major limitation of an IP phone is that it is stationary, situated in one location. Since most of todayís small-to-midsize (SMBs) require their staff members to be on-the-go, softphones will continue to grow in popularity where they can be uploaded to any or all mobile devices.

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