IP-Telephony Ensures Smooth Communication

IP-Telephony Ensures Smooth Communication
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As a lawyer, efficient consulting service for your clients is vital for your success. Naturally, your office should be easily accessible and communication should run effortlessly. After the change from analogue and ISDN telephony to voice over IP, All IP-lines are now prevalent. The future for communication between lawyers and their clients lies in IP-telephony. Modern IP-PBX ensure easy and high quality call management for legal firms. No matter, if you are with a big office or working as a freelancer: For a small business, phone systems by AskoziaPBX offer modern communication solutions. Contrary to the inflexible PBX from the era of ISDN, IP-phones are easily customizable and will simplify your work flow with many useful new features.
Set Your Priorities with Time- and Priority Based Call Management
With AskoziaPBX, you can not only manage various voice announcements to keep your clients informed about business hours, times for consultation and holidays. All-IP phone systems for law firms also allow forwarding and prioritizing. Being able to place your clients on hold, structure them into different call groups and real time visualization keeps you in charge while never losing track of your calls and clients. The Askozia UC Client helps you manage the calls directly from your PC or mobile devices. Never missing a call is crucial for a law firm. Even more so when it comes to successful acquisition of new customers. Fixed Mobile Integration and parallel calling ensure that you are available at all times: For example, you can use various devices under one number, so when you receive a call, all of them ring and you can decide on the spot, which one is most convenient for you at that moment. Other features, like forwarding calls to your mobile phone, simplifies customer support between appointments. You are on your way to a meeting? Incoming voice mails can be sent to you directly via e-mail.
VoIP for Law Firms
Flexibility through DECT-Telephony
These high levels of flexibility are possible through the DECT standard that is now compatible with IP base stations. This way, you can keep using the cordless handset that is integrated into your workflow, yet combined with all the advantages of IP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar: Phones from the outside that are registered with your PBX work just like an internal device. Hence all internal extension numbers remain the same, there are no additional costs and we guarantee a high level of security through encryption. Hot Desking allows for an easy rotation of your specialists, employees and secretaries, without limitations and all while using the same number. An elegant solution to different locations within one company is the interconnection of your phone systems. It brings employees together, no matter the distance between them and has your firm appears as a unit. AskoziaPBX combines easy use of your phone system with many useful features and first class support. The comprehensive call management allows you to simplify your officeís workflow and to offer exceptional service to your clients.
Smart Housing, public announcements and other VoIP uses beyond telephony
On this page we have assembled some examples of things that are possible with AskoziaPBX besides pure IP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar.
AskoziaPBX onbordIP On-bord Announcement System for vessels
Many products of Siedle have been developed as door-opening systems, but can also be used as an amplifier for speaker or public announcement systems (PA). Just create a SIP-account for this system within AskoziaPBX and it can be called from every internal phone. The device answers the call automatically and announces whatever you are saying. When using the Call Flow Editor you can also set a password for the PA system to prevent unauthorized usage.
SIP Public Announcement System for buildings
The SNOM PA1 is an example for a VoIP announcement system. The device is configured like any IP phone. Via a call flow, the PA1 will play audio files via button press on your IP phone. When using an IVR voice menu on top of that, itís possible to announce different messages depending on the situation.
Smart Housing with an IP PBX
The Teracom TCW181B-CM is a SIP based relay module. It can be configured like an internal extension and can be controlled by a call flow. Using the Action URL module, commands can be send to the device and relays can be open or closed. This way, different electronic devices (e.g. a light switch or a coffeemaker) can be controlled. This way even the morning coffee can be prepared directly out of bed, by using your phone!

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