Is a Hosted Telephone System Right for my Business?

Is a Hosted Telephone System Right for my Business?
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Despite this, a hosted telephone system may not suit your businesses requirements. This is because it relies on a stable internet connection to provide high quality voice calls.

Businesses that rely heavily on their telephone system, such as doctors and GP surgeries, may find that hosted is not as sufficient as a traditional PBX.

2. Business Mobiles
Business telephone systems have been around for a long time. However, it is becoming more and more common for businesses, particularly those with fewer than 10 employees; or those who work ‘out on the road’, to invest in business mobiles.

Business mobiles are exactly what they say on the tin – smartphones and mobile phones for businesses.

By investing in business mobiles, you can get connected while on the move, or in the office.

Business mobile solutions
Business Mobile Solutions from Commsplus

By upgrading to business mobiles, you can unlock a whole host of benefits, from increased mobility to reduced costs.

Because you don’t require on desk handsets, or a box on the wall, your telephony costs can be dramatically reduced when you chose to go mobile.

Another great benefit of business mobiles is integration. With Commsplus, you can integrate your mobiles and your telephone system (even if it’s a hosted system) to bring a unified communications envinrment to your business.

Should I chose business mobiles for my business?
Well, although there is a myriad of benefits for choosing to go with a mobiles solution, it may not fit with your businesses requirements.

All businesses are different. Those who are out on the road, travelling and visiting clients in-situ, may prefer business mobiles; whereas an office based business may find that a hosted voice solution offers a more permanent, and reliable office-based telephony solution.

3. VoIP & IP PBX
IP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar is a common phrase in the telecoms market. IP PBX and ‘VoIP’, brings together the immediate benefits of a hosted telephone system and the reliability and ‘robust-ness’ of a traditional telephone system/PBX.

A VoIP telephone system, or IP PBX is the best of both worlds. It brings high-quality VoIP calls to your business whilst retaining the feature-rich benefits of a telephone system.

IP telephone systems are the next big thing in the world of telephony, using IP handsets like the Mitel 6940 below.

IP telephone could save your business money and reduce your running costs, but what actually are ‘IP telephones’ and why should you upgrade?
IP Telephones, also know as IP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar, VoIP, SIP or IP telecoms is a form of voice connectivity that uses IP (Internet Protocol) to transfer voice signals over the data network. This data network could be fixed line broadband or cellular 4G.

Just like with any technology, telephone technology changes and advances over time. With better, more stable options available to businesses looking into IP technology to cut their costs.

Better call quality
IP telephones and VoIP (Voice Over IP) offers users a typically higher call quality than traditional telephone lines. Using IP telephones will help improve your call quality and provide a better over the phone experience for you and your customers.

The cost reduction of IP telephones
IP Telephones are able to use your broadband lines to make and receive calls. Multiple calls can be made using just one fixed line – which can dramatically reduce your running costs. IP is a great long term investment for businesses as can future proof your telecommunications assets as well as reduce your costs.

Mitel IP telephones
A Mitel IP telephone system could save you money.

Free calls between sites
With an IP telephone system from Commsplus, you can link your sites with your own IP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar network. This IP network uses VoIP to make and receive calls to all your sites. These calls are totally free and act as internal calls.

Each sites system links up seamlessly and you are able to contact your other locations as though you were dialling an internal number.

Broadband speed
IP Telephones do require a substantial broadband connection. This is because IP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar uses your internet connection to make and receive calls. Generally, we advice our clients that a fibre connection is required for a reliable IP telephone system.
Learn how our clients are using Voice over IP (VoIP) to push their business towards a unified, digital communications environment.
As the UK pushed closer and closer to a fully digital Britain, don’t let your business be left behind. It may seem daunting to make the move to modern technology, but it can have a hugely positive impact on your business.

Businesses can utilise Voice over IP technology (VoIP) and SIP Trunks to help drive their digital transformation and get them ready for the digital Britain.

Another technology that our clients make use of is hosted telephone systems – a cloud-based telecom solution that is both cost effective and reliable.

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