Is VoIP Service Right for You?

Is VoIP Service Right for You?
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Replacing your landline with VoIP could be a good idea if:
You Have a Reliable Internet Connection. VoIP only works if you have a broadband Internet connection, and itís only as reliable as that connection is. So if you lose your Internet connection frequently, signing up for VoIP means youíll lose your phone service frequently too.
You Donít Bundle Your Services. If you get your landline, Internet, and TV service in a bundle, then what you call your landline is probably a VoIP service from your TV or Internet provider. Dropping it to switch to another VoIP service means youíll lose your bundle, so you probably wonít save money. But if you get your Internet and phone service separately, you can probably find a VoIP service thatís cheaper than what youíre paying for your landline now.
You Also Have a Mobile Phone. Relying on VoIP as your only phone service probably isnít a good idea. Thereís too much risk of being cut off from emergency services ñ and everyone else ñ during a power outage or an Internet interruption. However, if you currently have both a landline and mobile phone, you can swap your landline for VoIP while keeping your cell phone as a backup. And with many VoIP services, you can keep your cell phone usage low by primarily using VoIP.
Getting the Best Deal
If you decide to drop your landline and switch to VoIP, start by figuring out what kind of coverage you need. If you never call outside the United States, then a plan that provides unlimited calling in the U.S. or North America will meet all your needs. If you make international calls regularly, then figure out which countries you call most often and look for a plan that includes those countries in your unlimited calling area.
Once you know what you need from a plan, compare providers to see which one can offer you the best deal. Check out the comparison page on GetVoIP to see the features of several different providers at a glance. It shows monthly cost, setup cost, available features, and ratings for each provider.
Before signing up for any VoIP service, check the reviews. See what they have to say about the providerís call quality, reliability, and customer service. A company that offers a rock-bottom price but is impossible to reach when thereís a problem wonít make you happy. Itís probably worth paying a few extra dollars per month for service you can count on.

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