Premium VoIP Features for Advanced Business Calling

Premium VoIP Features for Advanced Business Calling
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Along with the many standardized options available for use with your VoIP business system, you also have the use of premium options. Some features may be unique offerings of one service provider, while others are frequently included by most providers. Advanced features and options you are likely to have access to include the following:
Auto Attendant. ñ This convenient feature provides you with the use of a virtual receptionist. Automated and on-duty 24/7/365, this assistant can answer your phone calls, speaking politely to callers and transferring them to extensions of the appropriate staff members or departments via menu options.
Auto-Call Distribution (ACD). ñ As an advanced model of the call-search feature, this option can actually locate and connect the correct office and employee to handle each incoming call.
Business SMS. ñ With this valuable function, you can direct text messages to your clients, business associates or departmental divisions through your business phone number from your mobile phone.
Call Barge-In. ñ This valuable option enables the user to place a call as a conferencing barge. This forced barge-in results in a three-way call along with a listen in or call monitoring capability. Company officials have the option of using a warning tone to announce the barge-in to call participants on the line.
Call Me Now. ñ This helpful feature enables clients to enter their telephone numbers on your business website to reach your company directly.
Call Recording. ñ This sophisticated feature supports employee recording, playback, downloading and deletion of all calls, both inbound and outbound. Usually offered as an extension option, users can program this function for use on selected extensions or over their complete systems.
Conference Bridge. ñ With this useful function, companies can host their own conference calls. With most VoIP service plans, the average number of participating callers is about 15 to 25 for a reasonable flat monthly charge.
Especially when away from the office, these useful features can aid employees in placing, receiving and managing business phone calls:
Day/Night Mode. ñ This handy feature makes it possible for phone users to designate different calling rules for daytime working hours and night hours when the office is vacant. The nightly mode continues on auto-set until the daytime mode is turned on by staff members.
Find Me/Follow Me. ñ Working in sync, these two technical options enable receiving calls at different places and/or via different telephones. The Find Me feature discovers the designated employeeís location while the Follow Me finds the phone for this location.
Hunt Group. ñ This function allows groups of phone extensions to handle certain calls. Related to this feature is Line Hunts, a convenient call option permitting calls from one number to be distributed to multiple lines within a group of phones.
User Web Portal. ñ New VoIP service users are granted access to a web portal to manage different aspects and features of their accounts. By using this portal, users can add or cancel usage options, pay their monthly bills, review and edit account settings, manage calls, set phone greetings and other outgoing messages, and direct caller traffic and call distribution.
Video Conferencing. ñ State-of-the-art VoIP systems for business include video conference calling, providing each participant with a live video view of all other participating callers.
When shopping for an advanced, comprehensive and versatile VoIP system and service provider for your business today, consult several expert provider teams before making your final purchasing decision. By carefully examining the many different updated features, functions, service options, latest technology and equipment available, you can best determine the ideal provider, system and service plan for you and your company.

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