Programmed Barriers and Gates in doha

Programmed Barriers and Gates in doha
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A straightforward, low security answer for vehicle leave access control prerequisites utilizing emblazoned plastic cards.

A scope of 32 codes is accessible to give diverse access codes to various vehicle leaves inside a given region. The peruse works through electro-mechanical detecting of the emblazoned code and is handily changed nearby to peruse any necessary change in access codes.


An ease, remain solitary access control framework utilizing attractive stripe cards either with swipe or plunge peruses. Its minimal plan and simplicity of programming in-site make the Al-Tamyeez Security Systems- Doha- Qatar especially appropriate for stopping applications where a customer wishes to utilize programmable cards however doesn’t wish to associate back to a far-off regulator.

The Al-Tamyeez Security Systems- Doha- Qatar reach will deal with up to 3920 cards with the chance of either exclusively or by blocks adding or erasing cards. Up to four-time profiles are accessible. The Digi roll regulator is anything but difficult to introduce and program with a reasonable, illuminated LCD show. Whenever needed up to 16 regulators can be arranged through a RS232 association with a distant printer.


A scope of regulators to give either independent or midway organized admittance control the board for up to 8000 clients and 126 control focuses. Every regulator will work two passages. In the event that more than two are required, at that point regulators can be coordinates with RS485 two-wire information link. All arranged regulators move information naturally to some other regulator mentioning it. This office of conveyed insight lessens nearby programming and set-up time.

All organization regulators give up to 32 client perceptible access gatherings and 16-time profiles, with eight programmable caution joins and worldwide enemy of pass-back. Independent regulators give up to four-time profiles.

In the event that a focal PC Manager is required the Towman Software offers the client an improved administration apparatus for framework detailing and continuous alert and exchange checking. Thee programming will run on any IBM viable PC utilizing MS-DOS 3.2 or later.


The reach stretches out from a straightforward two-entryway regulator, Al-Tamyeez Security Systems- Doha- Qatar, through to multi-site PC based frameworks, all utilizing standard six-center alert link. All regulators utilize the PAC Electronic key. Each key is exceptionally code and uses closeness or non-contact innovation.

The non-contact read innovation has specific advantages for the unforgiving climate of stopping access control. The peruses are totally fixed units and don’t consequently experience the ill effects of dampness (or different substances) entrance and are for the most part more impervious to defacing.

Al-Tamyeez Security Systems- Doha- Qatar two-entryway regulator is an independent ease unit for up to 99 clients. The PAC 1100 and 2100 multi-work two-and four-passageway regulators can handle up to 10,000 clients when associated with a Central Network Controller with a MS-DOS/windows PC or 4000 clients when utilized in highlights as are time profiling and access level gathering.

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