QoS is a lot more than just using various packet markup schemes

QoS is a lot more than just using various packet markup schemes
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You must have a smart WAN infrastructure — think software-defined WAN — that recognizes your various applications and provides the QoS along the way. Without this kind of intelligent WAN infrastructure, even the most detailed packet marking is essentially a mark-and-pray operation.
An important part of your hybrid communications migration should be making sure the broadband service over which your traffic will traverse can meet your service-level requirements. You may find that basic broadband connections to your branch offices work fine for web browsing, but that you will need to upgrade to pricier business class broadband to get the service levels required for UC.
Keep in mind, too, that while leased line bandwidth is consistent day in and day out, broadband bandwidth can change during the day and impact your UC applications.
Trust but verify with testing and analytics
In the networking world, trust but verify translates into test before you deploy. For example, you can augment your unified communications architecture testing with network emulators that allow you to inject degradation, such as high packet loss or latency, into a test environment to see how your VoIP and UC applications fare.
Ultimately, your success will be determined by how happy your users are. Because happiness is subjective — and subject to change without notice — you need to document your success with ongoing assessments.
Because VoIP is a key UC app, look for voice quality measurements that are available within your system, such as mean opinion score, Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality or Perceptual Speech Quality Measure scores, which can objectively measure your VoIP session quality.
Be sure to find out what kind of analytics your vendor’s system can provide for your UC gateway. Features to look for include whether the analytics break traffic down by traffic type, individual user or other means. Other important options include whether the analytics provide real-time and historical data. If you have the right analytics in place, you’ll have the tools you need to document the success of your migration to hybrid UC.

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