The Best Phone Services for Small Business

The Best Phone Services for Small Business
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What are the best services available on the market? And why would you need one?
Want to jump straight to the answer? The best phone service for most small businesses is definitely Nextiva, Ooma, or RingCentral.
Phone services for businesses have come a long way.
The right services can get you toll-free numbers, easy routing, and unlimited SMS for a low monthly rate.
Business VoIP phone services have become much more popular than traditional phone lines. Theyíre easier to set up, easier to manage, and cheaper.
Below we break down the best business phone services on the market. Later, weíll dive into why you need one and exactly how a VoIP works.
The Best Business Phone Service Providers for 2021
Nextiva ó Best for out-of-the-office organizations
Oomaó Best physical phone system for small businesses
RingCentraló Best for businesses that love to text
Grasshopperó Best for solopreneurs
Phone ó Smallest price tag for smaller operations
Vonageó Best for businesses that need it all
GoToConnect ó Best for helping your customers
1-VoIPó Best if you need phonesóbut donít use them often
Below, compare the pricing, plans, and features of each one to identify the best fit for your small business.
#1 ñ Nextiva ñ The Best for Out-of-the-Office Organizations
Visit Nextiva
Starting at $19.95 per month
Affordable enterprise-level plans
Unlimited calls
Free local & toll-free number
Try Nextiva for free
Nextiva is an industry leader in the business phone service spaceóand for great reason. They offer reliable phone systems at a great price.
This phone serviceís features, tools, and hardware include:
A phone for your desk
Phones for conference rooms
An app to manage phone calls, texts, and emails through your computer
A mobile app for your cellphone
Integrations with the major CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot
And while Nextivaís physical hardware is great, where they really shine is in their tools to connect your office, no matter where your team is located.
With the Nextiva App, youíll be able to use the same phone numbers you use at your office desk from the comfort of your own home. You can even use the same extensions youíd use in the office.
With the app, youíll also be able to video conference and instant message your team members with just a few clicks.
On top of that, Nextiva offers a great auto attendant tool that automatically greets your callers and directs them to where they need to go. Customers also get access to voicemail to email which streamlines your voicemail inbox.
The auto attendant tool is helpful whether your business uses a physical office or if youíre distributedóallowing you to easily funnel your callers to the right people no matter where they are.
You get to choose between three simple plans. The price depends on the number of users and the length of your contract. There are plans to accommodate businesses of all shapes and sizes, with options for businesses with 1-4 users, all the way up to 100+ users.

Here are the starting rates for each plan, per user, for an annual contract:
Basic ó $19.95 per month
Pro ó $20.95 per month
Enterprise ó $27.95 per month
These are the most affordable enterprise-level plans that Iíve seen so far.
Some other highlights of Nextivaís small business phone service include:
Unlimited calls
Call queuing
Automatic call forwarding
Hold music
Free online fax
Free local and toll-free number
Some sought-after features are not included in the Basic plan. If you want to use the Nextiva app, get unlimited conference calls, pre-recorded greetings, and text messaging, youíll need to upgrade to the Pro plan.
Call recording, voice analytics, and voicemail to text delivery are only available on the Enterprise plan. Try Nextiva for free today.
#2 ñ Ooma ñ Best Physical Phone System for Small Businesses
Visit Ooma
Flat rate $19.95 per month
No contracts, cancel at any time
Unlimited calling
Virtual receptionist
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Ooma offers VoIP phone plans that are specifically made for small businesses.
Itís an ideal solution for businesses with traditional offices that need desk phones.
New businesses might be swayed by their lucrative pricing. Just pay a flat rate of $19.95 per month per user. No contracts and you can cancel at any time.
The catch? The monthly rates donít include hardware costs.
But by purchasing your hardware with a relatively low one-time fee, youíll end up saving the money in the long run as opposed to renting it each month.
Ooma does have a mobile app, which allows you and your staff to make calls on the go from your smartphones. So you could opt to go mobile-only and skip the hardware costs.
But I donít recommend this. There are better options out there if youíre looking for a business VoIP phone service without any hardware.
So stick with Ooma if you want straightforward rates for your office phone.
For those of you with a growing team, Ooma can scale with you. Itís easy to add on users, devices, and manage everything on your own.
Your plan will come with unlimited calling, a toll-free number, low international rates, and a virtual receptionist. Ooma also has exceptional customer support if you have any trouble setting up the hardware or managing your service. Learn more at Ooma.
#3 ñ RingCentral ñ The Best for Businesses that Love to Text
Visit RingCentral
Unlimited SMS & MMS
100 toll-free minutes per month
On-demand call recording
Small to enterprise solutions
Get Started Now
RingCentral is one of the most popular VoIP solutions in the industry. Thatís because they offer an all-in-one phone service solution at a competitive price.
While their plans are great for your typical VoIP phone service and video conferencing needs, they also offer unlimited business SMS and MMS across all of their plans.
Thatís an amazing deal if your team regularly relies upon text messaging for your day-to-day business. For example, this is great if you want to send automated text messages alerts to your team members frequently.
RingCentral stands out because they offer specifically designed plans for small businesses. Itís reliable, secure, easy to use, and delivers high-quality voice for crystal clear calls.
RingCentral is also affordable. You can save over 30% if you sign up and prepay with an annual plan as opposed to a month-to-month contract.

Hereís a quick overview of the plans and pricing:
Starting at $19.99 per month per user
Up to 20 users
100 toll-free minutes per month
On-demand call recording
Unlimited calls within US and Canada
Starting at $24.99 per month per user
1,000 toll-free minutes per month
Unlimited internet fax
Unlimited audio meetings
Unlimited video conferencing (up to 4 people per meeting)
On-demand call recording
Custom app development and deployment
Starting at $34.99 per month per user
2,500 toll-free minutes per month
Unlimited video conferencing (up to 100 people per meeting)
Automatic call recording
Multi-site support
Salesforce and Zendesk integration
Starting at $49.99 per month per user
10,000 toll-free minutes per month
Unlimited video conferencing (up to 200 people per meeting)
Automatic call recording
For most, I recommend the Standard plan. It offers plenty of great features and all the essentials a business might need.
You can also customize your plan to pay extra for things like additional toll-free numbers, vanity numbers, international numbers, and international toll-free calling.
As mentioned before, all of the plans come with basic features like unlimited business SMS and MMS, along with mobile apps for iOS and Android, HD voice, team collaboration, call log reports, and 24/7 customer support.
The plan you choose will largely depend on how many toll-free minutes you plan to use as well as the number of users youíre going to onboard. Try Ringcentral today.
#4 ñ Grasshopper ñ Best Phone Service for Solopreneurs
Visit Grasshopper
Starting at $26 per month
VoIP and Wifi calling
No calling limits
24/7 live support
Get Started Now
Grasshopper offers a full-service virtual phone system targeted to smaller operations. That includes freelancers, startups, and small businesses
They make it easy for you to find toll free numbers, vanity numbers, 800 numbers, local numbers, and more.
This simple solution is a great way to add professionalism to your business.
The Solo plan is the best option for an entrepreneur who has a small side business. It includes one phone number and three extensions, along with the features that come with all their plans like business texting, call forwarding, VoIP and WiFi calling, virtual fax, voicemail, custom greetings, and more.
That should be more than enough for the burgeoning entrepreneur.
Youíll want to upgrade to the Partner plan if you have a small group of up to three employees working for you. For anything more than that, youíll need the Small Business plan to accommodate your needs.
All Grasshopper plans come standard with the following features:
VoIP and Wifi calling
Virtual fax
Mobile and desktop apps
Business texting
Ability to handle simultaneous calls
Call reporting
Call forwarding
Call transfers
One big benefit: No restrictions from call limits. They also offer 24/7 live support.
Grasshopper also gives you the option to integrate your business interactions into one inbox thatís easy to manage. You can access your emails, texts, business calls, and contacts in one place.

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