The modern technology of VoIP service

The modern technology of VoIP service
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Modern technology, like an advanced VoIP service, is quickly changing the face of customer service for many businesses. At one time, most businesses needed a receptionist for the job of answering phones and transferring calls. But, this really isnít always a financially feasible option for most small businesses. Thatís where a small business VoIP service can help, both with saving money and with increased productivity and better communication through services like call routing.
Call routing automatically distributes your incoming calls and it does so according to how you set it up. This makes it customized to your schedule and preferences. For example, you could have all of your calls routed directly to voicemail after closing time.
You could also configure it for playing different greetings depending on caller criteria. Letís say a caller is contacting your company for the first time: the call router will recognize this fact and play a greeting chosen especially for first-time callers.
From that point, they could listen to a phone tree that helps them with getting to the department or personnel that they need to speak to just by utilizing their keypad or voice response. This is called Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Call routing can also be programmed to play music for the customer while waiting for an answer to their call. All of these features can help make your small business sound just like a big corporate office.
Improve inbound and outbound customer service
If your business has been depending just on inbound customer service, you need to consider leaning more toward outbound customer service to help you with offering better customer care. In case youíre not sure what the difference actually is, inbound is when customers call into your company and outbound is when your company reaches out and thanks those customers for their business. Outbound customer service can also be effectively utilized for answering customersí questions and offering them special exclusive deals. This can increase not only customer satisfaction, but also your profits.
Most importantly, improved outbound customer service can increase your customersí loyalty, increase employee productivity and increase your overall sales. Just think how much more productive your staff can be when theyíre being proactive and contacting your customers instead of sitting around just waiting for customers to call you. When things get slow, they can potentially help to change that situation by reaching out to your customers and offering better customer service.

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