These are the top SMB PBX phone systems of 2021

These are the top SMB PBX phone systems of 2021
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Effective communication is an important part of every business, whether itís with colleagues, customers, or other stakeholders. While there are lots of communication methods in existence today, telephones still play an essential role in companies across all industries. As such, many different telephony channels and systems are available on the market.
Private branch exchange (PBX) systems, in particular, have long been the preferred option for making and receiving phone calls in a business or different organizational environment. PBX systems typically allow companies to contact people both inside and outside their organization over analog, digital, and internet protocol phones.
What makes PBX phone systems so popular is that they offer increased scalability and flexibility, cost savings, self-ownership and self-control, better security, greater personalization, organization-wide communication, and many other benefits. The best PBX systems provide a large number of phones, business hours, extension dialing, call tracking and monitoring, HD phone calls, call forwarding, call recording, custom voicemails, call queues, international and local lines, music on hold, desktop and mobile apps, and lots of other features.
These systems are suitable for many different types of business, from large enterprises to small and medium-sized firms. And if youíre looking for a new phone system to use in your business, you might be considering a PBX solution. But given that there are so many different PBX systems available, which should you choose?
To help you pick the right one for your business, weíve rounded up the best PBX phone systems of 2021. We have tested every single of them and ranked them according to ease of use, price per user, features and support.

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