Things to Consider When Choosing a VoIP Service?

Things to Consider When Choosing a VoIP Service?
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It could have a huge impact on your business when deciding on a business communications solution. VoIP may be the best solution, but itís important to conduct a current state and needs analysis first. Then, you can determine if business VoIP works for you. Here are some tips to help you determine your needs and make smart choices.
1) Do you want to keep existing equipment? Does it support your needs?
If you are using the traditional PBX and with a limited budget for a complete replacement of the existing equipment, make sure you select a VoIP solution that allows you to take a phased transition. Whether the new VoIP system is compatible with your traditional phone system, how to connect them together, how to ensure that the upgrade does not affect business continuity, etc. Itís also important to verify that the VoIP service providers you are considering will support that equipment. This is a stage where direct communication with the VoIP provider is key.
2) What kind of unified communications capabilities does it offer?
VoIP phone systems offer a range of telephony functionalities to handle audio calls, but communication with colleagues and customers is not only limited to voice. This is why unified communications is introduced to the business communications landscape and also why UC should be one of the top priorities as you evaluate your VoIP options.
Unified communications at its simplest is all about making a wealth of communications channels and options into a single point of access. In fact, most UC products reply on VoIP as a core foundation, and many VoIP providers do offer some UC features in their portfolios to further extend the capabilities and flexibility.
Common UC features include:
Unified Messaging
Instant Messaging (chat)
Corporate Directory
Video Conferencing
Team Collaboration
3) Is it possible to integrate into other platforms and tools?
Itís critical for businesses to stay agile and ready in such a fast-changing world. With more and more systems, platforms, and software appearing in the workplace, both managers and employees expect to have a unified and integrated solution to improve efficiency, which is why a VoIP systemís ability to integrate and seamlessly work with other solutions becomes way more important than ever.
With your telephony system connected to other business-enhancing tools, it will be easier for you and your team to communicate, collaborate, engage with one another, and streamline the overall workflow. Fortunately, there are VoIP providers that ensure their phone service is compatible with some popular collaboration and communication tools.

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