TOP 4 VoIP Providers in Canada

TOP 4 VoIP Providers in Canada
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You may have heard many companies claiming to be the best VoIP providers. The title doesnít count on a single feature but on the over-all performance. Based on what they deliver and how much the services are reliable.
Here is the Top 4 VoIP of Canada from my perspective.
1. RingCentral
Based on my research I would like to place RingCentral in the first place here. Although it is an American Brand but they also provides VoIP services to Canadians. Its plans are cheap and highly affordable. They are doing quite a well job over there and are earning reputations day by day.
Just to name a few services and features that it provides:
Call Recording
Call Routing
Speed Dial
SMS Messaging
Phone Software
SIP Phone Support
E911 Services
Video Conferencing
Voicemail to Email
Toll-Free Options
Voicemail Transcription
Group Calling
Auto Receptionist
Cloud PBX
RingCentral is easy to set-up and manage. It has mainly three plans Standard $29.99 per month, Premium $39.99 per month, Enterprise $49.99 per month. It is a complete feature business VoIP provider that offers great services at affordable ranges. It leads the market with highest customer satisfaction statistics.
Check out my details review about them here.

2. Phone Power
Known for their unlimited international calling plan packages, Phone power is placed on number 2 here. Although itís not as cheap as other service providers such as Voipo but is listed here because of its popularity, services and brand value.
Irrespective to features you pay for or the plans you activate, Phone Power provides you some of standard services which are totally free like:
Caller Id
Call Waiting
Mobile Phone Applications for remote management
No charge for activation
Online Faxing
Call Forwarding
One month Satisfaction Guarantee
Call Blocking
It also supports features likes Anonymous Caller Rejection, Free Second Line , Incoming Call Routing , Web Based Call Logs, Do Not Disturb, Online Account Management ,Outbound Caller ID Block , Block List ,Simultaneous Ring , Call Hold, Contact List, and many others .
It provides free unlimited callings to US, Canada and Puerto Rico so if you are the one who call a lot to these places, grab a Phone Power connection now.
Hereís the complete reviews about Phone Power.

It charges up to 1.4 cents for calls to or from Italy, 2.0 cents for India, 1.9 cents for Portugal and so on.
Though the rates are quite low. I would certainly suggest you to check on their plans and rate first before hand.
Other than common features like call waiting, call forwarding provides you services like:
Anonymous Call Rejection
Business Group CNAMs
Call Forwarding (Advanced)
Directory Listing
Mobile Apps
You can activate it without getting your no. changed
Multi-Line Hunt Groups
Music On Hold
Online Dashboard
Telemarketer/Block List
Fax to Email

4. Yak
Yak logo
It is the popular VoIP service provider that provides value for money services.
It charges nothing for set-up and $5 as a monthly recurring charges. It is cheap and provides free local calls. It is ATA rental free and provides you with features that are mentioned above in comparatively cheap rates.
The thing to question now is why Yak is placed in #4?
The reason is simply because the lack of features, despite their uncompromising quality on call and cheap price.
Some examples of feature that are present and absent in Yak:
Caller Id Name
Call Hold, Forwarding, Transfer
Music Hold, Fax capabilities
DND, web management
Multiple Users, Desktop and Smart Phone app
BYOD, Toll free number, Extra Number
Yak has managed to earn customersí trust from years. To further convince you as a consumer that Yak is the prefer provider, the services for the first month is completely FREE and the following 2 months will be given 50% discount off from the actual rate. It doesnít even require a contract here, you can get rid of them anytime. So here you are in safe hand, you can continue your services only after you are fully satisfied.
Itís a difficult task to choose a VoIP for your residence or business with so many choices around. You wonít be sure if thatís the right provider.
You need to analyze your needs before jumping into conclusion and decided on the correct VoIP provider.
Well, here are some of the checklist that I had made up for your references:
1. Do you need a system that is mobile and can be managed dynamically from phones. In simple terms, flexibility. You can be anywhere doing your job, so in such case, check if your VoIP has Desktop and Mobile applications support.
2. If you are willing to expand your business choose a VoIP that is capable enough to digest your business expansions.
3. Do you actually need that much features for which you are paying for? Donít get attracted to the services, subscribe them only if necessary.
4. Lastly, none but not least Budget.

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