Types of PBX Phone Systems

Types of PBX Phone Systems
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PBX phone systems exist in a few different varieties to fit just about any business need thrown at it. As business applications have migrated to the cloud, so have PBXs.
Network Diagrams: Hosted PBX SIP Trunking
There are a few options to consider for your PBX:
Hosted PBX – Manage your employee’s phones all from your web browser. Simply purchase the service and phones, plug them in, and you’re done. You are free to adjust PBX features like call recording, call routing, auto attendants, hold music, and call forwarding. The best part is, you can fly through the online setup in minutes, not weeks. Since you directly manage this cloud-based PBX, all your devices are under your control.
On-Premises PBX – For the upfront cost with occasional maintenance (consulting) fees, you can enjoy an on-site PBX. This feature is ideal if you have no growth plans, or if it’s cost-prohibitive to make the switch. However, instead of a complete phone system overhaul, you can just upgrade your PBX to one that is IP-ready.
PBX SIP Trunking – For those with a PBX that want to take advantage of the VoIP benefits, there is an option for you. SIP Trunking provides the voice service for your company’s PBX. This multi-channel voice service is available without changing other PBX features. As your company grows, add more channels.
As a business owner, the question you want to ask yourself is, “Does our PBX yield the most value every year? Are we spending too much managing it?” As far as depreciating assets go, on-prem PBX systems are costly to maintain, add users, and configure features.
According to the FCC, some phone scams target innocent staff using legacy PBX systems to relay expensive international calls.
A PBX that runs in the cloud is cost-effective since its features are updated regularly, and you don’t need to set up the network infrastructure.
For companies that can’t afford a complete upgrade, PBX SIP Trunking is a worthy option. Rejuvenate your PBX with new scalability and lower communication costs with the same hardware.
Businesses that opt for a Hosted PBX or a SIP Trunking solution, they can cut their telecom costs by 60%.
Switching to VoIP can save businesses as much as 60%.

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