Types of PBX Systems

Types of PBX Systems
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Today VoIP platforms are more popular than any other communication channel when it comes to business. The main reason for the rise in popularity of VoIP platforms is they reduce your monthly expenses from 50%-75%. VoIP phone calls offer your team mobility and your business the communication speed it needs to grow.
Have you been missing essential calls for your business and incur all those extra losses due to it? Well, with VoIP for business, none of your customer service calls will go unanswered. Some VoIP providers also allow you to reach your customer with FB messenger and WhatsApp giving higher satisfaction among your consumers.
The mobile VoIP growth is expected to have phenomenal growth to $145.76 billion by 2024. VoIP software provides you with advanced calling features, excellent voice quality, and a bundle of other services so you can get rid of your outdated telephone services and resume a new way of communication.
Voice over Internet Protocol software works round-the-clock to answer every query and demand of its customers. Also, VoIP is a more cost-effective option than other alternatives, especially if you are a small business.
Despite discussing the problems that VoIP solves for a business, many people still believe in common myths about it that revolve around the internet bandwidth that it consumes. So letís have a close look at the effects of internet bandwidth and the influence of some other factors on your VoIP calls.
Scroll down to this blog, and you will get to know the following things about the uses of VOIP business phone system Doha Qatar.
VOIP business phone system Doha Qatar
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What is the Minimum Speed Required for Your VOIP business phone system Doha Qatar to Function Well?
How to Identify VoIP Bandwidth Speed?
1 ) Download Speed
2 ) Upload Speed
3 ) Ping Rate
Other Contributing Factors That Affect VoIP Calls
1 ) Broadband Quality
2 ) Type of Codec
3 ) Integration of Outdated Equipment
4 ) Echo Problem
Points to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Right VoIP Service Provider
1 ) Recognize Your Requirements
2 ) Make a Budget
3 ) Security of VoIP System
4 ) Better Customer Support
Businesses use four different types of PBX systems. Traditional landline systems use hardware-heavy landline PBX boxes, while internet-based systems employ IP, hosted, or virtual PBX systems.
Traditional PBX
No quick internet required Expensive
Works independently of the power grid Setup is timely and costly
Time-tested reliability Lacks advanced features
Traditional PBX systems are old, physical hardware boxes that are installed, kept, and maintained in your office. Youíll connect your business phone lines to the box, and the box will route calls to each desk in your office via a voice menu and designated extension.
Setup costs can be as high as $1,000, but the price can go up further depending on your provider. Most small businesses and large enterprises choose an internet-based phone system to take advantage of the advanced features and cost savings. However, companies that already invested in expensive landline technology and those that lack high-speed internet connections may find a traditional PBX system to be the best communication option.
Provides advanced features More expensive than hosted and virtual PBX systems
Cheaper than landlines Requires PBX box installation and maintenance
Connects phones easily via Ethernet cable Excessive for small businesses
IP PBX systems (also known as VoIP PBX) require a hardware box, but they transmit and receive calls over the internet rather than analog-based signals. Instead of using traditional landlines, youíll connect your IP PBX box to the internet via Ethernet cables.
While internet-based calls will save you money in the long run, youíll still need to purchase the expensive hardware box for your office. If your business has existing desk phones, IP boxes are a great way to utilize VoIP technology without replacing your entire phone infrastructure. An IP PBX system will enable your business to use advanced call features, like callout routing, voicemail, and automated attendants.
Hosted PBX
No physical setup required More expensive than virtual PBX
Provides advanced features Lacks on-site control
More affordable than traditional or IP PBX systems Requires fast, reliable internet connection
A hosted PBX system connects your business communications directly to the cloud. This cloud-based phone system gives you all the benefits of VoIP technology without any complicated physical setups or expensive phone lines. All you and your employees need is a desktop or mobile device to make and receive business calls.
Hosted PBX systems are generally the best option for small and growing businesses because theyíre easy to use and affordable to scale. The top hosted PBX system providers (like RingCentral and Nextiva) provide additional communication channels, like video, fax, team chat, and business SMS, to give your business a unified communications program. However, youíll need a fast, reliable internet connection, especially if you have several employees whoíll use the phone system simultaneously.
Virtual PBX
Most affordable PBX systems Requires existing phone line
Quick and easy setup Lacks advanced features
Easy to use Requires quick, stable internet connection
Virtual PBX systems share a lot in common with hosted PBX systems, but they trade features for simplicity and affordability. You wonít be able to take advantage of a sophisticated interactive voice response (IVR) menu, but youíll have access to call forwarding and basic call routing.
This paired-down platform makes virtual PBX systems more affordable than hosted PBX systems, but youíll still need an existing business phone system to make it workówhich will eat into your cost savings.

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