VoIP advantages & disadvantages

VoIP advantages & disadvantages
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When considering a move to a VoIP telephone system, it is always worse to look at both sides of the case for the move. Whilst VoIP makes a lot of sense for a business telephone system, it can also have advantages for small enterprises and even domestic applications.
However there is never one ideal solution and the disadvantages must be considered along with the advantages.
VoIP advantages:
One network system: For businesses one of the main advantages is the cost saving from only needing to instal one network system for computers / data. The business telephone system runs over the computer network, thereby only requiring one system to be installed and maintained.
Can run on existing computers: Although many people and companies will want to maintain the use of a traditional telephone handset, it is also possible to completely move on from this approach and just use the computers that most people in an office use. A phone application can be run on the computer and this can be used with a headset or earphones with an attached microphone. Again this can provide cost savings in terms of hardware and maintenance.
Mobility: With a VoIP telephone system it is far easier for people’s numbers to follow them. As everything is run using software it is easy for the phones to ‘move.’ If the phone is run on a computer, simply logging in to one’s account can allow the system to route calls correctly. This is ideal for offices where hot desking is used, or where people move around the country or even further.
Improved efficiency: Using a packet switched network as int he case of VoIP increases the usage for the available capacity when compared to analogue circuit switched lines. This improvement in efficiency reduces overpaying costs and enables the telecommunications provider to offer a far more cost effective service.
Cost: Cost can be a strong driver for many users. Providers can often give running costs that are well below those of traditional analogue systems, although this is sometimes as a result of the older systems having older pricing structures. However once installed there can be significant overall cost reductions, but check the offers and deals available and check both hardware and connection / call costs.
VoIP disadvantages:
Lack of understanding of VoIP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar: Many users and indeed many suppliers do not have a full understanding of VoIP telephone systems. This can mean that they are not always installed where they can provide the best service, or when they are installed, they may not be deployed in the most effective way.
Emergency calls: In some areas and with some providers, emergency, 911, calls can be an issue. With traditional telephone systems, and with mobiles 911 (or whatever the emergency number is for the region) calls connect directly to the emergency services. This is not always the case with some VoIP providers. It is a point worth checking before proceeding if this could be an issue.
Voice quality on poor connections: When using a VoIP telephone system over a poor broadband connection, be it via a smartphone, using a poor broadband line, or whatever, voice quality can be impaired. If data packets are lost as a result of them being timed out as a result of the poor connection, this will impact voice quality. This can be particularly apparent when using Wi-Fi or cellular connections where the network is congested as a result of high usage or the signal is poor and the data rate is very low.
Different facilities: Although VoIP has been available for some time and is able to offer a lot more capability than analogue phones, there may still be some facilities that are different or not available. Normally any issues can be overcome, but there may be some issues with any migration.

In the long term VoIP is the way the market is moving, and now with increasing speed. Offering not only great improvements in flexibility, but also major cost savings, but with the requirement for large levels of investment, this is the way that the telecommunications market is moving. However to remain competitive it will be necessary to adopt the new VoIP technology.

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