VoIP and VoIP Service Providers

VoIP and VoIP Service Providers
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What is VoIP?
VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. To put it in absolutely simple terms, VoIP could be defined as the technology that helps you to make phone calls over the internet. Since the calls would basically be measured in bits and not in minutes, VoIP rates are much cheaper.
What makes VoIP More Cost-Effective?
One of the biggest advantages of using VoIP is that you donít need a lot of specific hardware to use VoIP. This could be compared to the analogue mobile network, where you need to get a lot of specialized equipment. This reduces the cost of setting up the system. The cost of installation is also less compared to an analogue telephone system. Some of the other things that make VoIP more cost-effective are.
More Than Just Computers
When people think of VoIP, they generally think of computers due to the popularity of the numerous free communication services like FaceTime and Skype, but this is truly just one aspect of what VoIP can truly offer. It is true that VoIP technology transmits voice communication thatís been converted into digital data across a packet-switched network or the internet (what this means, in essence, is that a user making phone calls over high-speed internet lines rather than phone lines). With that in mind, users are not confined to only using it on a computer. VoIP technology can connect through the internet using traditional telephone equipment just like a regular line. The phone itself is connected to the internet using an adaptor thatís plugged straight into a home or businessís internet network. Most major services offer a softphone option as well, which allows the user to use their computer directly as telephone service. In addition to all that, VoIP providers will generally also offer mobile or tablet apps that allow their customers to make calls on the device (assuming itís connected to Wi-Fi at the time).
It Saves a Ton of Money
Across the board, VoIP phone systems will save users significant amounts of money when switching over from a more conventional phone system by allowing much cheaper international and long distance rates as well as simply lowering the monthly bill. Aside from the money savings itself, VoIP based phones also give users a ton of additional features. VoIP phone services are ideal for both businesses and residences, but also home offices as well. Because it can be used on phones that are already owned, the setup costs are very minimal.

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