VoIP Disadvantages ñ Drawbacks of Using VoIP

VoIP Disadvantages ñ Drawbacks of Using VoIP
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While VoIP is an amazing technology, it may not be perfect for everyone. There are a couple of VoIP disadvantages that you should be aware of.
You need a good internet connection to make telephone calls
As we explained in the how VoIP works section, you need to have an internet connection to make phone calls.
If your internet is slow, then your call quality may be impacted.
The good thing is that VoIP technology doesnít use as much bandwidth as you might think. A good connection with less than 70ms ping and at least 500 kbps of upload speed is good enough for VoIP calls.
However if you have a lot of team members in your office, then you may need to look at your bandwidth needs for the number of concurrent calls your business will be making at the same time.
You need to account for power outages
Regular phone service works during power outages. But you cannot make VoIP calls if you donít have power or access to the internet.
Typically, most offices have wireless internet powered by WiFi routers. These routers need electricity, so if your building experiences power outage, then your internet can also go down which will impact your VoIP service.
The way we mitigate this in our office is by using a battery backup system for our internet router. Since our internet is provided by a different company than our electricity, we never have both outages at the same time.
Furthermore, since our team members use the VoIP app on their phone, they can always use their mobile data to make business phone calls.
You will need to retrain your staff on the new system
Switching to a new telephone system means you need to train your staff on how to use it.
Luckily, most VoIP services are designed to be as straightforward and intuitive as possible. This means it should be easy to train team members on how to use the cloud phone systems, even if your employees are working remotely.
Which is the Best VoIP Phone Service?
Here at WPBeginner, we use and recommend Nextiva as the best VoIP phone service. They offer a free local or toll-free number with all of their plans.

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