VoIP Mobility

VoIP Mobility
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These days, communicating on the go is critical to running a business. Small businesses face the challenge of making office- and mobile-phone use seamless.
Itís not practical for employees who need to use a personal device for business calls to use their number. With a business VoIP mobile app, they can make and receive calls using a dedicated business number.
Increase productivity with the Office Mobile App.
The Ooma Office Mobile App (for Android and iOS) allows staff to work wherever they are, using their work number. That includes:
The sales associate who can answer a customerís item-availability question with a quick mobile call to the warehouse assistant.
The field rep who can keep working between appointments.
The project manager whose mobile and desk phones will ring simultaneously, allowing them to answer calls whether theyíre in the office or on site.
Conference Calling icon
Conference Calling
If conference calls are an integral part of your business, you understand the need for a conference phone that delivers the perfect sound.
For example, if callers find it hard to hear participants in your conference room, the meeting will be challenging. To ensure everyone experiences in-person call quality, look for features such as:
A 360∞ voice range
An array of built-in microphones
Echo cancellation Background noise suppression
Most IP conference phones come with Bluetooth or Ethernet capabilities. Choose the connection that works best for you and make every conference call a success.
Virtual Fax
Virtual Fax
Faxing remains an important form of communication for many businesses. With VoIP phone systems, you can still send traditional faxes from your phone to a fax machine. Virtual Fax removes the need for fax equipment.
Faxes are converted to PDF files and managed within the end-user portal. Each user who needs access to Virtual Fax will have fax capabilities via their phone extension. The account manager can review the logs to track all Virtual Fax activity.
This can be useful for locating particular documents or checking the status of fax.

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