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As mentioned above, POTS was the standard just a few years ago. Stable, reliable VoIP service is a relatively new technology, but itís quickly outpacing POTS. An IP phone system can deliver far more value than POTS, giving SMBs options that used to be limited to enterprise-level companies.
Weíre going to get into the specifics below, but for now, thereís one key distinction to hone in on. VoIP systems give you more. More options. More ways of staying in contact. More value for the expense.
POTS is still an option, and some SMBs will still opt for it, but we strongly recommend IP phone systems for SMBs that are growth-oriented.
What IP phones do for SMBs
Weíve talked up IP phones. Now itís time to share why we believe VoIP phone systems are better for SMBs. Below are several specific advantages of IP phones, but this list is not exhaustive.
If you really want strategic insight into what an IP phone system can do for your business, we recommend talking to a VoIP expert.
ìToday companies seeking a new communications solutions are more likely to consider a cloud-hosted VoIP system over a traditional phone service.î ñ TechRepublic
Ditch the hardware
VOIP business phone system Doha Qatar are software-based, which has the potential to benefit small businesses in two ways. First, it means you wonít have to make a hefty investment in new equipment to go from POTS to VoIP. Second, it means you wonít have to worry about the costs associated with maintaining physical equipment.
If you prefer having a physical phone at each desk, there are phones designed to work with VoIP service. Alternately, you can just use a headset connected to your computer or use an app on your mobile phone.
Boost your scalability
Because IP phones donít require hardware, theyíre scalable in a way traditional phone systems could never be. Adding a new line can be as simple as making a couple of quick changes to a web-based dashboard. No need to call in a specialist to install a new physical phone.
For a growing SMB, this is crucial. Itís one less thing you have to deal with when onboarding a new team member.
Take your phone with you
Mobile apps make it possible to have your work phone on you all the time . . . without having to give out your personal cell phone number, carry two phones or pay for an extra mobile line.
Whether you do a lot of traveling for your business or just have the occasional meeting across town, the portability of IP phones is a huge plus.
Go beyond voice
IP phones are integrated with all kinds of features that go beyond voice-only communication. Everything from video conferencing to file sharing is possible, making collaboration at a distance easier than itís ever been.
Plus, the advanced features that used to be so expensive only enterprises could afford them are standard in many VoIP packages.
For a fraction of what it used to cost, you can give your SMB a big business feel.
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Deliver on value
Speaking of cost, SMB leaders are universally interested in the bottom line.
Some VoIP providers will promise savings no matter what, but to be candid, thatís just careless. We canít guarantee youíll save money.
But hereís what we can promise.
Youíre not likely to get the same value from POTS as you will from an IP phone system. You might be able to pay slightly less for POTS, but youíll be taking such a big step down in features that itís simply not worth it.
Moving your SMB to an IP phone system
If youíre interested in getting VoIP service for your company, there are two ways you can move forward. The first is to research available services on your own and plunge into a DIY solution. If you donít mind doing some homework, this is one of those things you could handle on your own.
However, we recommend talking to a VoIP expert. First, a pro will know all about the available options and will be able to help you find the one that matches your needs best. And second, youíll save a ton of time. There are a lot of VoIP providers out there. An expert can help you hone in on the one that works for you much more quickly than youíll be able to find one on your own.

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