VOIP Service Providers Residential

VOIP Service Providers Residential
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Residential VoIP phone systems are generally much cheaper than traditional telephone systems. Most residential VoIP systems are provided by Hosted PBX providers, although there are other options. Learn about residential VoIP and residential VoIP providers below.
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Benefits of Residential VoIP
Saving With VoIP
Superior Features of Residential VoIP Service
VoIP and International Calls
Choosing a Residential VoIP Provider
Leaving the Landline Behind
Residential VoIPProviders per Region
Benefits of Residential VoIP
Switching to VoIP is one of the most convenient money-saving steps homeowners can take. Now that the majority of internet users have broadband access, taking advantage of the many benefits of residential VoIP service is easier than ever.
Saving With VoIP
The primary attraction of VoIP is its affordability in comparison with traditional landlines. Voice Over IP, or VoIP, is more cost effective because unlike landline providers, VoIP providers donít need to tack on the service charges, taxes, and other fees that drive up customersí phone bills. Many residential customers who have switched from traditional landlines see their bills reduced by as much as 50 percent. Likewise, coupon sites offer additional discounts for VoIP customers, and providers often extend sign-up bonuses and special offers, creating the potential for even greater savings. Check out our list of the Best VoIP Services.

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