What are IP phone systems?

What are IP phone systems?
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IP phone systems work together with IP phones in order to send and receive digital signals. IP phone systems are composed of three essential parts that allow them to work and send and receive IP voice digital signals. An IP phone system is comprised of an IP phone (also known as a VoIP phone), and an IP PBX, or a VoIP private branch exchange. The way that these systems work is that they are connected to a VoIP service provider through a Local Area Network (LAN). IP Phone systems work by transmitting telephone calls over the Internet, in contrast to the way that traditional telephone systems work via circuit-switched telephony systems.
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How are IP phones different from landline phones?
After you move over to a VoIP phone system, your old landline phones will no longer work and will need to have been replaced with IP phones (unless you decide to use ATA adaptors, which is usually not recommended). Looks-wise, IP phones and analog phones are indistinguishable to the average person and provide the same functionality.
From a user standpoint, IP phones work the same way as analog phones. The difference lies in the transmission.
So how is it different from landline phones? The difference lies in the transmission. IP phones transmit voice data digitally, whereas landline phones are limited to just that ñ landlines.
The advantage of IP phones is that these digital signals can be transmitted anywhere across the internet by using nothing but your regular internet connection, thereby bypassing the trunks and cables, and therefore the charges, laid down by telephone companies. Besides this major expense, letís see what other advantages IP phones offer.

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