What are the benefits of Voice over IP?

What are the benefits of Voice over IP?
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VoIP can facilitate tasks and deliver features and functionality that might be cumbersome or costly to implement when using traditional PSTN.
More than one phone call can be transmitted on the same broadband phone line. This way, voice over IP can facilitate the addition of telephone lines to businesses without the need for additional physical lines. This makes VoIP systems much more scalable.
Features that are usually charged extra by telecommunication companies, such as call forwarding, caller ID or automatic redialing, are often included as standard with voice over IP technology. What’s more, they are much easier to configure and manage.
Unified Communications are secured with voice over IP technology, as it allows for the use of software and applications, like 3CX. Such solutions offer a whole range of communications features such as voice calls, video, instant messaging, conferencing and even live website communications.
Used with a modern communications solution, users can take their office phone number with them wherever they go, all they need is internet access. They’ll be able to access and make use of the company phone system from their mobile device, laptop or tablet.
A voice over IP solution provides significant cost savings over a traditional phone system. Users can take advantage of free calls and low rates for international calls and long-distance.
Organizations can boost customer service with applications which offer features to boost agent productivity and efficiency. What’s more, customers can connect with the business through a variety of channels, as well as make use of free calls to contact centres.
It’s much easier to work with remote workers when your business has a VoIP software communications solution in place. Extensions can be added easily without any fuss, and employees can be added to the company phone system no matter where they are located.
Fax machines are an outdated device that most businesses are getting rid of. But for those who are fonder of simpler times, many modern communications solutions offer fax to email, which is facilitated by VoIP.
Whole systems are easy and cheap to implement. Without the need for extensive amounts of infrastructure, VoIP communications systems can be deployed quickly and without much cost. What’s more, with mobile apps and web clients, there’s no need for desk phones or expensive devices, making it ideal for small businesses as well as larger enterprises.
With a broadband internet connection, a good VoIP service can provide excellent call quality with very little downtime.
Disadvantages of VoIP
If you experience internet problems or power outages, this can result in your VoIP phone system failing to work. Additionally, poor internet connection can affect the quality of calls. For this reason, many businesses choose to opt for a dedicated internet connection for their VoIP communications.
As an internet service, it’s vulnerable to cyber attacks. There are a number of security risks, including DOS attacks and eavesdropping. However, most reliable service providers and software systems implement tools and measures to protect against such vulnerabilities.
Can I keep my old phone number?
It depends on your VoIP setup. Most specific VoIP providers let you port your old number over. Some, however, may require a new one.
For most VoIP apps and software, you’ll need to register and sign in to your account, so a phone number isn’t always necessary. As long as you can sign in on the app, your contacts can call you.
How much does it cost?
Again, it depends on your setup. VoIP calling app-to-app is almost always free; calling a landline or mobile number may cost a little; and other VoIP services, including those from Hyperoptic or business providers, require a monthly fee.
Should I get rid of my landline?
For the majority of providers, you need line rental to receive broadband anyway, so you may have no choice but to keep it.
If you rely on being able to make phone calls, ever have to call numbers not available through VoIP, or use features only available on landlines, it’s worth keeping a landline around as a back-up. If you only make calls very occasionally, however, you could get away with having none at all.
Switching to VoIP might also help you save money on communications services. Long-distance and international calls are generally free with VoIP service. The only charge is for your internet access. Implementing VoIP doesn’t mean that all your employees have to use IP-enabled phones. The best VoIP providers implement IP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar in a manner that protects your investment in existing telephone equipment, even if you have analog telephone stations.

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