What are the benefits?

What are the benefits?
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One of the main reasons businesses use hosted PBX is that it cancels out a lot of the costs that come with an on-premise system. As the PBX is in the cloud and is taken care of by your provider, this eliminates installation, hardware and maintenance costs. All these costs are included in the system package. It also cuts down on staff, as youíre less likely to need IT staff that are dedicated to solving problems with the PBX, as your provider does this for you. Maintenance and software updates are all managed externally, leaving you to focus on your business. This is great if youíre a small business or a startup.
A hosted PBX comes with lots of features that benefit your businessí communications and overall, your corporate image. A cloud-hosted system provides you with features like call routing and switching, auto attendants, phone menus, conference calls, voicemails, greetings, call queuing and recording.
No office boundaries
No matter where your employees are, whether in the office or working from home, they can still connect and make contact through the hosted PBX system. This is a preferred system for companies who have remote workers and employees who are constantly on the move.
Businesses can adapt their system as their business grows and develops. For example, if your number of employees rises or drops, you can add or remove lines and extensions through web-based portals.
Easy to use
The main reason itís so easy to use is that all the maintenance, equipment and upgrading is taken care of for you by your provider. You donít need an employee who specialises in the system, as any issues or improvements can be instantly made by your provider, meaning you donít have to do anything at all.

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