What are the different types of PBX phone systems?

What are the different types of PBX phone systems?
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The phone system is the key to accomplish successful communication in your business.
A Public Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system is hardware and software that receives incoming calls and routes them without human intervention. The ability to reach specific extensions, intercom, initiate conference calls and assign customers to wait for assistance, are all distinct features of a business PBX system. Depending on the needs of your company will determine which of the four available PBX Systems you choose. So, letís have a look at your options:
Traditional PBX phone system
A traditional PBX phone system technology is landline-based and uses a physical PBX hardware box. Phone lines are connected to the box, allowing calls to be distributed to each desk in the office via a voice menu. The setup cost for this kind of PBX is high. In additional to the cost of the hardware, you have to keep or install traditional phone lines within and outside of your office. This is a popular choice for businesses with older wiring, unsecured phone lines, or unreliable internet connection.
On-site IP PBX phone system
An IP PBX is very similar to a traditional PBX system. The difference is, it uses digital phone signals to send calls rather than analogue-based landlines. There is the advantage of an easier setup. However, an IP PBX is much more expensive than other types of VoIP-based PBX systems because you need to buy and install the hardware.
Cloud-based PBX phone system
A cloud-based PBX system uses newer PBX phone system technology and provides all PBX system features, applications, and calling services in the cloud. It uses VoIP phone signals like IP PBX and eliminates the need to buy physical hardware. Instead, the phone system is hosted in the cloud which allows you to manage better-advanced PBX features.
Cloud-hosted PBX systems are more affordable and easier to set up than an IP or traditional PBX. This is the most cost-effective option, easy to manage, flexible, scalable, and comes with advanced calling features, including advanced disaster recovery, multi-office networking, and budget-friendly pricing. With this service, you no longer must worry about providing maintenance repairs to the back-end equipment as this is the responsibility of the phone system hosting company.

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