What are the main benefits of hosted VoIP?

What are the main benefits of hosted VoIP?
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Hosted VoIP has a lot of benefits when compared to traditional on-premise solutions, these include:
Cheaper than a PBX
More flexible
Less maintenance and installation costs
High quality voice

So there you have it, the three main types of business telephone system, broken down and explained.

Telephony is so important to businesses – keeping them in touch with customers, prospects and ensuring smooth daily operations. Upgrading to a more modern solution may decrease your costs and ensure that you’re ready for the ISDN switch off.Here is a list of our top three alternatives to a traditional business telephone system, or ‘PBX’.
Back in 1984, the UK telecommunications industry was first opened up to the public market, with the privatisation of British Telecom (BT).

Since then, the market has skyrocketed, with the traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) at the heart of UK telecoms. However, as technology advances, the PBX does too.

Business telephone systems are an integral part of UK businesses. However, they may not be suitable for some businesses – so here is our top three alternatives to the traditional business telephone system or PBX.

1. Hosted Telephone System
Hosted telephone systems or ‘cloud telephony’ is the new boy on the block.

Hosted telephone systems use cloud technology and VoIP to create a unified communications environment in any business.

They are the number one alternative to a traditional business telephone system, helping our clients reduce their running costs.

Hosted telephone system diagram
A diagram showing how Hosted works

As you can see from the diagram above, hosted telephone systems do not require a ‘box on the wall’; unlike traditional business telephone systems or ‘PBXs’.

Removing the requirement for an on-the-wall telephone system can significantly reduce your businesses running costs, as well as cutting down on maintenance charges.

Hosted telephone systems also offer a typically higher call quality when compared to traditional telephone systems. This is because they use VoIP, which transfers voice calls using your broadband connection.

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