What are the Major Features of a VoIP System?

What are the Major Features of a VoIP System?
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While VoIP systems have many different features its important to be aware of the major features associated with VoIP tech. Letís discuss these features in further detail below.
Call forwarding ñ Clients can move a call from a laptop to a smartphone to a tablet and back again with no trouble. This feature makes it easy to move a conversation from an office to a transport location, and it is very important for most companies to have.
Call parking ñ Parking a call is putting that call on hold. You may need this feature so that you can preserve a call before moving to another location or so that you can pick it back up again on another VoIP connected device.
Voicemail to email messaging ñ One of the features that is growing quickly is a transcription service that allows the user to move a voicemail message into an email transcript. Voicemails are not often able to be accessed as immediately as emails, so this feature speeds up communication for people on the go.
Auto-attendant ñ This is a feature that works well for small businesses that cannot afford her receptionist. The auto-attendant is a message that presents an options menu and greets callers. If you are part of the company that has many departments to consider, the auto attendant can make it much simpler for customers to access the appropriate person in your organization.
What Makes VoIP Work?
VoIP is such an innovative technology because it has innovative technologies that make up its component parts. The five major components of VoIP include codecs, IP phones, softphones, ATA adapters, and packet switching.
Codecs are small pieces of hardware or software that are built straight into a modem or remote access through an adapter. They have one job ñ to convert your voice messages into data. As you are speaking your message into your device, your voice moves through the IP network and is decoded by the codec into data. This data is converted back into audio once it hits the destination.
IP Phones
The IP phone has the ability to connect to the Internet through ethernet or Wi-Fi while maintaining all of the functions of a traditional phone. IP phones do not make calls through copper telephone lines. Rather, they send and request information through the IP network that is connected to it. One of the top characteristics of these phones is that they can easily access all of the features mentioned above in the ìWhat are the Major Features of a VoIP System?î section.
The softphone is a software package or application that gives your other digital devices the ability to make calls. If you install a softphone into a tablet, desktop or laptop, it basically becomes an IP phone. If you have ever made a call using Google Hangouts or Skype, then you have made a softphone call.

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