What are the Reasons to Use VoIP?

What are the Reasons to Use VoIP?
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Depending on the scale of your business and the communications structure that you need, the reasons to use VoIP can be very different. However, there are two big reasons that VoIP is trending over traditional PBX and PSTN communications. Letís explore these reasons in further detail below.
Cost Advantages
The first reason to use VoIP is its low cost when compared to traditional telephony systems. These costs are lower across the board, because traditional telephony is dominated by monopolies instead of competing companies, including government entities. The ability to carry multimedia, data and voice communications over a single network provides huge cost savings. Users who are not utilizing their full network capacity have the ability to save even more money, because they can employ VoIP without added hardware costs.
More importantly, for most users, all phone calls can be interpreted as completely free ñ even international calls. The only cost comes from using the Internet service itself. There is actually no charge for making the call over the network.
Increased Functionality
The second reason to use VoIP is increased functionality. Even with lower costs, the VoIP network gives users more utility than traditional telephony infrastructure. VoIP also makes certain aspects of communication much easier than PBX lines. In fact, some of the functionality VoIP provides is impossible to achieve on traditional landlines. Letís take a look at some of the most important functional VoIP benefits.
Routing incoming calls ñ With a VoIP system, incoming calls are routed automatically to your VoIP phone. As long as you have the phone with you and you can connect that phone to the Internet, you can take any incoming call that you want.
Salesmanship ñ Because VoIP phone works from anywhere with a great Internet connection, call center agents that are using these types of phones have the ability to work anywhere. VoIP tech has added greatly to the ability of workers to function remotely.
Compatibility ñ The modern VoIP system provides more flexibility to hardware infrastructure as a whole, not just individual users. One of the major advantages of a VoIP PBX system over a traditional PBX is the ability of VoIP to work with a wider selection of hardware. With VoIP, companies no longer have to concern themselves with the proprietary contracts that some telecommunications providers force clients into when they do not have the flexibility of a VoIP system.

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