What does having a PBX mean for business?

What does having a PBX mean for business?
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The private branch exchange unifies communication within a single enterprise. An enterprise is a business, company, or any project or undertaking that requires collaboration.
To ease the flow of collaboration, an enterprise needs easy, fast, non-stop communication within its organization.
A private branch exchange simplifies information delivery by:
Simplifying contact information for large groups of people
Centralizing business contact information for customers or potential clients
Allowing multiple enterprise users to communicate at once
Facilitating conference calling and business specific phone features
Why use PBX phone systems?
Since the system acts like a miniature version of a large-scale telephone switch operation, having a PBX means businesses need only to pay for the phone numbers and lines that they need to make external phone calls. The private branch exchange is completely internal, so communication lines can be split using extensions, or shortened numbers that tell the PBX to which phone to route a call.
Using the extension system, enterprise users can make unlimited internal phone calls with short, easy-to-remember numbers. The localized private branch exchange ensures that calls are fast and clear. Employees can retrieve and share information with one another via a PBX with minimal effort or productivity loss.
Business relies on good client relationships to bolster revenue and realize success. If a customer with a question or problem finds a businessís communications system difficult, that customer will begin his or her problem-solving journey with a negative attitude. Having a PBX means youíll eliminate contact information confusion by routing external calls through a single business phone number.

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