What is a Fire Alarm System made up of?

What is a Fire Alarm System made up of?
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Segments framing the System 

1. Smoke/Heat Smoke/Heat Detectors ( Detectors (Fire Detectors Fire Detectors) 

2. Caution Panels ( Alarm Panels (Control and Indicating Equipment Control and Indicating Equipment) 

3. Alerts ( Alarm Bells (Fire Alarm Devices Fire Alarm Devices) 

4. Manual Call Points Manual Call Points 

5. DECAM Panel ( DECAM Panel (Fire Services Fire Services Signaling Transmitter) 

6. DECAM Station ( DECAM Station (Alarm Monitoring Station Alarm Monitoring Station) 

7. Stifling Panels ( Extinguishing Panels (Control for programmed fire security gear Control for programmed fire assurance hardware) 

8. Gas/Sprinkler ( Gas/Sprinkler (Automatic fire security gear Automatic fire assurance hardware) 

9. Charger/Battery ( Charger/Battery (Power Supply Equipment Power Supply Equipment) 

What is a Fire Alarm System comprised of? What is a Fire Alarm System comprised of? 


Fire Detectors Fire Detectors 

Manual Call Points Manual Call Points 

Control and Indi Control and Indicating 

Gear Fire Alarm Device Fire Alarm Device 

Alarm Signal 

Deficiency Signal 

Fire Service Fire Service 


Caution Monitoring 


Control for Automatic Control for Automatic 

Fire Protection Equipment Fire Protection Equipment 


Fire Protection Fire Protection 


Force Supply Equi Power Supply Equipment 

Sorts of Fire Alarm Systems Types of Fire Alarm Systems 

being used today being used today 

2. Sorts of Fire Alar pes of Fire Alarm Systems in stems being used today 

Non-Addressable System Addressable System 

– additionally regularly referred to as likewise generally known as “customary traditional” 

– fire identifiers are wired to th fire finders are wired to the board in gatherings known as zone e board in gatherings known as zone 

– ID of alert status by zone recognizable proof of caution status by zone 

– fire identifiers demonstrates either fire indicators shows either “Fire” or “Typical” status just status as it were 

– framework just demonstrate occasions however without occasion recording framework just show occasions yet without occasion recording 

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Run of the mill Non Typical Non-Addressable Fire Alarm System Addressable Fire Alarm System 

Arrangement Configuration

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