What is a PBX?

What is a PBX?
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An IP PBX is a phone system that operates over the Internet (or Internet Protocol, ìIPî) as opposed to traditional analog phone lines. IP PBXs generally cost less and provide as good or better quality as traditional landlines, plus theyíre typically capable of providing advanced phone system features like mobility, call routing, conferencing, and more.
Benefits of an IP PBX
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Cost Savings & Reduced IT Infrastructure
An IP PBX eliminates the need for dedicated phone lines and integrates voice and data networks into one. And, because calls are sent over the Internet, they also reduce costs for local and international calls.
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Flexible Deployment Options
IP PBXs can be deployed on-premise or in the Cloud, giving businesses the freedom to select the communications solution thatís right for their organization.
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Advanced Features
IP PBXs are software-based phone systems. This provides more opportunity for the integration of other systems and inclusion of more capabilities, such as chat, fax, and customer relationship management (CRM) platform integration.
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Improved Multi-Location Communications
Many functions, such as voice message storage, directory services, international call routing, and endpoint administration, can all be handled at a central location. This reduces the need for additional equipment and personnel at the remote or branch offices.
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Easy Maintenance
Making even simple moves, adds, or changes (MACs) to phone systems based on traditional telephony technology are difficult and often require the help of a technician. IP-based phone systems can be updated by in-house staff in a matter of minutes.
There are two types of IP PBXs: On-premise and hosted/virtual.
Letís look at each of these types of IP PBXs and how they can benefit your business or organization.
On-Premise IP PBX
An on-premise IP PBX is simply a phone system where the hardware and components that actually power the phone system are kept at the location where it is being used. This is what comes to mind first for many people when they think of a PBX.

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