What is Different About VoIP?

What is Different About VoIP?
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So how does it actually work, you ask? VoIP delivers your voice to another phone in basically the same way itís always been doneóitís just a different network, and itís a different kind of signal.

Phones have conventionally used an analog signal to transmit voice, but not VOIP business phone system Doha Qataróthey convert this analog signal to digital before it is sent to the destination. The network that is utilized is different, too.

VOIP business phone system Doha Qatar send the digital voice signal across the Internet, instead of the PSTN, which is the network that has been used by conventional phones for decades.

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Take it with You Anywhere
One of the greatest benefits of using a VoIP phone is that it does not tie you down to one location because you can connect your phone to any strong Internet connection, and it will work.

This can be of tremendous benefit to those who work as remote employees, and your phone can be taken with you anywhere.

dropped calls
Hereís Why Not Everyone is Sold
Yes, VoIP can be a great advantage for someone who is running a business, making a lot of long distance calls, or just working remotely; however, there are disadvantages which mainly stem from its dependence on your internet connection.

If you have a strong connection, and you supplement your network with extra equipment that can support it, then VoIP works just fine, even clearer than a traditional phone connection at times.

The problem is that many people have an internet connection that is weak or unreliable, causing poor sound quality and even dropped calls.

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