What is Internet Telephony?

What is Internet Telephony?
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Internet Telephony refers to all types of telephony services (including phone calls, fax, voicemail, video calls and other forms of communication) where calls and data are sent digitally over the Internet using the Internet Protocol (IP), rather than being transmitted over traditional analogue landlines. An example of an Internet Telephony service is Cloudya, the Cloud Telephone System from NFON.
What is the difference between Internet Telephony and Voice over IP?
Internet Telephony and Voice over IP (VoIP) are often used synonymously, but in reality, VoIP is a subset of Internet Telephony that refers to voice traffic only. While Internet Telephony is a general term for the IP packet-switching technology used by Internet phone systems to exchange any type of information, Voice over IP is the specific method for carrying voice calls over an IP network. Internet Telephony includes VoIP capability as well as a host of other features and functionality. For example, with Internet Telephony from NFON, it is possible to integrate Unified Communications (UC) and fax solutions over XCAPI.
How does an Internet Phone System Work?
In order to use an Internet phone system, it is necessary to have a VoIP solution such as the NFON Cloud Telephone System.
As you speak through a microphone (laptop, mobile or headset) your voice – the audio signal – is digitised. This data is split into packets and given individual labels.
Your call is made up of different packets of data. Each packet of data travels over the Internet to the recipient. When the data arrives at the end destination it is put back into the correct order. The data is then converted into audio and the recipient hears what you said.
Interestingly, the data packets donít necessarily arrive in the order they were sent: they can overtake each other en route. When then arrive they are reassembled in the correct order and your message can be heard by the recipient.

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